The Great British Economy, with Swithun Dobson


Tonight on Show 16 of the MisesUK.Org Podcast, Andy Duncan speaks with Austrian Economist, Swithun Dobson, about the ‘Great British Economy’. They discuss the potential bubble in the British housing market, quantitative easing, British state deficits, the magic money tree of the Bank of England, the immediate future of the Conservative Party’s leadership, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and the economic potential of Brexit.

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  1. Hi Andy and Tom

    I listened to the whole thing in the bath – a very enjoyable experience. The combination that is – not just the bath.

    It’s hard to say just how good ‘runner-up’ is because we aren’t told how many entrants there were but yeah it has to be better than nothing.

    First let me say Tom I could not have written a prize-winning essay and I could not appear on radio without sounding like a complete dick, so if you’re offended by my critique please keep this in mind.

    I ended up being rather bemused by your central thesis. Is it simply that humans are by nature in a constant state of war (‘war’ meaning literally any kind of conflict)? If so it is difficult to see how a thesis so broad could be used to explain anything. In particular it is hard to see how it can throw any light on ‘the oil wars’ which I gather your essay was intended to address.

    Secondly, you seem to make no distinction between wars conducted between nation states and competition between capitalist enterprises. I found this very odd as all the evidence we have suggests that high levels of free market enterprise in a given region inversely correlates with the outbreak of war.

    Anyway cheers for an entertaining bath time : )

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