Radical Coup: A Case for Reaction, with Sean Gabb


On Show 27 of the Mises UK podcast, Andy Duncan speaks with Sean Gabb about his newly-published book: ‘Radical Coup: A Case for Reaction’. We concentrate on the main idea mapped out within it, which is Sean’s ‘frontal attack’ plan for taking English society and culture back away from a tax-eating statist Guardian-Reader elite, and all those other socialists who have successfully taken over Great Britain in a culturally Marxist decades-long revolution. This plan’s strategy is perhaps summed up best by an extract from Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s foreword from the book: “Most importantly for libertarians and, as I should confess, much in line with what I’ve tried to accomplish for quite some time in my own writings, in reaction to the diagnosed disease, Gabb proposes a detailed, equally radical cure that envisions a programmatic alignment of traditional conservatism, and libertarianism with the common goal of restoring a bourgeois society as the highest achievement of Western civilisation.” Along the way, we also discuss David Cameron and the failure of ‘Quisling’ conservatism, the role of Margaret Thatcher in creating Tony Blair’s police state, the details of the ‘frontal attack’ plan, the means by which it could come about, the role of welfare state provisions within the plan, and whether Britain should move towards becoming a republic or whether it should remain a monarchy.

Book details: https://www.seangabb.co.uk/radical-coup-plan-reaction-description/

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