Gatwick Airport drone sightings may have been of police equipment, chief constable admits

By Andy Duncan, Vice-Chairman of Mises UK
If a private security company closed down an airport for 24 hours and cancelled hundreds of flights because of a ‘drone’ threat, and then later discovered that its own drones were providing that threat, it would quite rightly be tossed out on its ear and lose its contract. Its CEO would probably be fired, several key employees would probably be fired, and the company would almost certainly face imminent bankruptcy and likely closure as other customers withdrew their custom. If the company was to survive such a self-imposed disaster, it would follow on from the result of a rapid and brutal reorganisation, similar to the punctuated equilibria of Darwinian evolution. (For instance, where fish become amphibians inside a rapid geological timeframe, perhaps because of a catastrophic drying of the planet caused by one of those regular instances of rapid solar heating.)
In this fictional Hoppe-World story, a more dynamic and better organised company would be brought in to provide a better security service, most likely for the same cost or lower. Because this is how the voluntary free market works. Service failure is constantly and often brutally punished, just as Darwinian evolution constantly and brutally punishes evolutionary dead ends. Spontaneous market evolution drives everyone’s businesses to provide better services and better products, as Schumpeter’s creative destruction process weeds out inefficient organisation and talentless bureaucracy and nourishes ever-more-efficient organisation and farsighted entrepreneurialism. Economic resources and people are constantly recycled in an ever-improving system that generates ever-better services and ever-better products for all of society. To assist with this process, technology constantly gets improved to provide better results for less cost. No oversight is required. If left alone, it all just happens. Naturally.
It is a beautiful thing. Just as the creatures generated by evolution are often beautiful.
So what will happen now back on Planet Socialist? What will the politicians do about the incompetent tax-eating police ruining tens of thousands of business trips and Christmas holidays? Alas, to ask the question is to know the answer. Nobody will be fired. Tax-provided resources will also most likely be increased to hopefully plug the gaps of the police’s stupidity. And it won’t work. Because this ‘reward of failure’ system specifically generates increasing failure. The police at Gatwick will become ever-more incompetent and ever-more expensive. We all know this to be true. This is the chaotic nature of coercive socialist organisation.
So what is the free market Hoppeian solution? Because of their utter incompetence, the tax-eating public police should be removed from Gatwick and replaced by a private security organisation that’s driven by internal motivations to provide a service that its customers actually like and want to renew year after year. Competition between private security agencies will keep their blades sharp.
Will this happen? Will the police get kicked out of Gatwick? Will a competent private security agency be brought in to take over from these idiots? Will any police officer get fired for this total utter failure? Be my guest. Guess.
Socialism is the essence of idiocy.


  1. And all of the above is compounded by the arrest and detention for 48 hours of two innocent people, for no better reason than that their neighbours had observed them flying a model helicopter in their back garden.

  2. I and others would like to know what grounds Sussex Police had for ‘suspecting’ Mr Gait and Miss Kirk.

    Knowing that they operated a toy helicopter in their back garden is NOT remotely sufficient grounds for arrest on suspicion of having committed these offences.

    And why they were kept in prison for the maximum time allowed before the law required them to be released?

    Unless the Police had reasonable grounds for suspecting Mr Gait and Miss Kirk, AND had no reasonable alternative but to imprison them for so long, the arrests and imprisonments are UNLAWFUL.

    The attitude of Giles York, Chief Constable of Sussex STINKS.

    He told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he was “convinced the grounds for arrest were well-founded”.

    Well? What were those grounds?

    And why were the couple held in prison for so long despite Mr Gait’s employer coming forward to say that he was at work when these alleged offences were committed?

    York’s further comments are even more disgusting. York says:-

    ”It might have been worse as an experience for Mr Gait had he been released under investigation still.

    We were able to exhaust all our lines of inquiry on that first instance and were able to release him from police custody saying he was no longer a suspect.”

    Why would it have been worse for Mr Gait to have been released whilst the Police continued their enquiries?

    Has York taken it upon himself to imprison people for their own good?

    And does York think it might be good idea to imprison anyone he suspects of committing any crime, and keep them there till he’s satisfied they haven’t?

    Unless York comes up with a proper explanation we would urge Mr Gait and Miss Kirk to sue him for unlawful arrest and imprisonment and thereby force him to disclose in court what really went on.

    I don’t think many of us believe York either when he says that:-

    ”a suggestion by a senior Sussex Police Officer that there may have been no drones was merely a miscommunication”.

    It seems to me that this is the usual story of useless, feckless, lying, Senior Police Officers.

    Furthermore, if, following the original incident, the Police themselves were launching drones willy nilly on the airport perimeter, is it any wonder that the airport itself and the public became ‘confused’ and thought that they were all part of the same series of offences?

    If the Police, by their own stupidity arrogance, and bad attitude, caused the alarms resulting in any of the airport closures following the original incidents, Gatwick Airport should sue them.

    • You make some very good points indeed, especially the concept of “Imprisoning somebody for their own good”! I remember Torquil Dick-Eriksson saying some years ago that this is the key difference between the British system of justice and the European method; in Britain we arrest somebody only if we have evidence against them; in Europe, they arrest somebody then go scouting for evidence afterwards. It seems we have adopted the European model.

  3. ‘Reward for failure’ is EXACTLY how the public sector is set up.

    The worse, lazier, selfish, and more incompetent the people who manage it are, the more money they get. The better they do the job the less they get.

    The idea that politicians, even if they were so minded to do so, are capable of supervising and holding to account ‘services’ like the police, the NHS etc etc etc, or anything else, is preposterous.

    And the people employed to run these bureaucracies aren’t capable of doing so either.

    The people who get to the top in these bureaucracies and in politics are simply the people who are best at marketing themselves. It’s never the people who are best at running the services.

    The difference in quality of service, productivity, and efficiency of operation between public sector monopoly vested interests in the UK, and the parts of the private sector operating in a competitive environment, (including where the operating process is identical in both), is staggering.

    Yet hardly anyone appreciates the point. They all just say ‘we must give the public sector more money, pay their staff more and give them even bigger pensions’.

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