Hans-Hermann Hoppe on Brexit

Distinguished fellow of The Ludwig von Mises Centre Hans-Hermann Hoppe offers his thoughts on Brexit and the European Union during an episode of the Austrian talk show Hangar 7.

The dialogue has been subtitled in English by the original poster of the video on Facebook.



  1. Hoppe was excellent in that debate. He came across well, completely on his game and was very straight talking especially with the fact that living in small countries can create more competition.

    On the other hand, the lady in the panel behaved rudely as she kept on giving wry smiles every time Hoppe talked, she was very dismissive and gave the impression of being brainwashed as to believing that everything was well with the European Union which we all know isn’t. She also tried to justify taxation as ‘Christian Morals’ when actually, Christian Morals is rooted a lot more in love and charity rather than coerced taxation.

    Just a pity that we can’t get Ancaps or Voluntaryists onto the mainstream media. They like to think that they represent a ‘diversity of views’ when we all know it is complete and utter nonsense. I hope that changes soon.

    • Although Hoppe’s comments on Brexit and the EU were, as usual, spot on, I particularly relished the moment when that smug, self-righteous, statist robot waxed lyrical about the morality of taxes before Hoppe points out that she doesn’t actually pay them.

  2. Hoppe claims he is not a tax consumer contrary to his interlocutor. Who paid his salary when he was a professor in Las Vegas? Wasn’t that a public university? And who paid his stipendium to get his PhD? Wasn’t that funded by the taxpayer? It’s only a question. I am just wondering. These kinds of ad hominem arguments are off the mark.

    • Maybe he didn’t have the same thoughts he has nowadays? Almost everyone has used government money for something in life. What matters is how the person will act AFTER saying those things (tax is theft, etc…).

  3. This “judge” thinks she know something about these subjects. She looks like she is mocking all the time but when she opens her mouth she just talks bullshit.

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