The Barber of Owosso

In Owosso, Michigan, USA, a 77-year-old barber named Karl Manke has taken on the might of the state of Michigan, by opening his barber shop in defiance of “laws” made by the state government. He’s been suppressed. But he’s gathering support:

I confess that I have an interest in this case. I’ve had a beard for 47 years now, and I like to keep it neatly trimmed. Luckily, I happened to go to my barber just a couple of days before the UK “lockdown” in the middle of March. But now, my beard is trending out of control. (A bit like the hysteria about “climate change.”) And under current UK plans it’s “illegal” for his (or anyone else’s) barber shop to open until July 4th at least! By that time, everyone who meets me will think I’ve gone Muslim. A claim which I can’t falsify until the pubs re-open.

Now let’s look at how US politicians have behaved on this issue, shall we?

Kansas Democrat governor Laura Kelly took a haircut in early May, which she claimed was done by her husband. Republicans congratulated him – a lung doctor, would you believe! – on his barbering skills. Can we believe either side? No. But that same governor sought to forcibly close down a barber shop in Wichita:

As to Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot:

Look, Lori, in your part of the world (and I lived in Chicago for a year, 30 years ago) you’re supposed to have something called “the rule of law.” That means that what is wrong for one person to do in a given situation, is wrong for another. No exceptions.

This suggests to me that honest people should focus, hard, on the dishonesty, hypocrisy and double standards that are rife among our enemies. Don’t let any of them get away with anything.


  1. Neil you’ve scratched the surface. Petty tyrants abound here in the the land of….(what are we again? Free? Brave? Maybe neither?)

    My sympathies for your time in Chicago, the fair city that brought us both she-who-must-not-be-uttered and Barry “I was born in Hawaii” O’bummer. He’s not black. Turns out he’s Irish. That explains a lot

  2. Neil should post up a mug shot with the wild beard and we could then champion his cause as a political prisoner and hero of the English Reactionary-Conservative-Libertarian Rebellion.

    “Free Neil Lock!” “It’s been 30 years, time for justice!”

    • The Darn-Poor Rhymer responds (to be sung to the tune of “Amarillo”):

      Is there a barber shop in Owosso?
      Every night, my beard gets more grosso,
      But I’m told that Karl in Owosso
      Is able and willing to barber me.
      Show me the way to downtown Owosso;
      I don’t need bad laws from some bosso,
      I need a trim! And Karl in Owosso
      Is able and willing to barber me.

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