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Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, and the Twilight of the West

by Daniel Jupp

Russia is making more money from selling oil after western sanctions than they did before them.
Saudi leaders refuse to take Joe Biden’s calls.
India and China are purchasing more Russian oil than they did before, and all three nations are moving into political, trading and financial alignment.
Neoliberal policies and posturing are pushing the rest of the world more quickly towards a non petrodollar financial system, doing the work that Chinese and Russian sponsors of western corruption could not do quite as swiftly.
Symbolically, Boris Johnson goes begging to the Saudis or the Indians. They accept his obeisances like eastern potentates of ancient times accepted, with incurious and languid ease, the presence of blonde haired slaves looted from colder climes to strike a note of difference in well stocked harems.
Boris kneels to a statue of Gandhi, and then will return home to keep banging the drum of war for Ukraine. The Indians will have given nothing, conceded nothing, and enjoyed the humiliation of England’s representative fool. We will keep pretending that giving weapons to another is a sign of strength, instead of weakness. The strong arm themselves and do not kneel to old enemies or praise backwards nappy clad idols.
The West was a star that blazed brighter than any other, a sun that rose faster than any other, an inferno of energy, creativity, dynamism, self-belief. The fall is just as swift, just as startling. Think of old empires and the span between the years of western imperial majesty and the trembling fearful senility of our culture today (so tellingly embodied in the US President) is astonishingly brief.
One hundred and fifty odd years ago the British would break foreign Empires in their sleep, with a swat of their hand, and the least and the lowest of us would not dream of kneeling to anyone from another shore. We would rather have died. Even 70 some years ago it is hard to imagine that those handing India back would imagine future British Prime Ministers returning to India in order to beg for attention like a little dog or a shameless whore. An equal future perhaps. But an inferior one? As a desperate supplicant? Never. It would not have been thought possible.
It has only been made possible by the frequency with which our weakest, in mind and spirit, find themselves our most powerful, in politics and culture. For as long as India has been independent Britain has been learning to despise its former power and pride as heartily as any once colonial subject did. If we pretend to pride today, it’s always as a ghastly false show, conducted by the likes of a Johnson, as they shackle some flea bitten donkey policy to the old golden chariot of patriotism. Don’t look too closely at the chipped paint, the wonky wheels, or the fat parasites sitting in the thing. When globalists deck themselves in military costumes, rattle ancient sabres, and mouth patriotic calls to arms, you can be sure it is always in the service of themselves and their weakness and against the interests of their nation and their people.
Look at them when they are bowing to others. That’s the only honest bit you’ll ever see.

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