Neil Parish

As a fellow Neil, I feel some sympathy for Neil Parish, the Tory MP for Tiverton and Honiton, who stands accused of “watching pornography in the Commons chamber.” I do not yet know the facts of the case. But Mr Parish, in my view, is being treated unjustly. Whether or not he is guilty as charged.

Myself, I don’t feel any desire to watch pornography, but a chacun son goût. Where is the evidence that Mr Parish watching pornography (if he did) harmed anyone? A far better accusation against Mr Parish would have been that, by failing to listen to the debate, he had failed to represent his constituents. He had failed to do what he was paid for.

And yet, we see Neil Parish suspended from the Tory party, without any proof that he is guilty. While Boris Johnson, having broken a law he himself made, is still prime minister!


  1. There’s nothing wrong with watching porn, I agree. There’s also nothing wrong with masturbation or buggery or flagellation or oral sex. But it surely is a bit iffy to do any of these things in the House of Commons. Some very trashy people have been elected to Parliament since 1832, but this is surely a new low in the Hell that modern England has become.

  2. One doesn’t need to choose to view pornography on an electronic device in order to find oneself doing so unintentionally. It is enough to have an inadequate spam filter and a to open a link in an email, to end up viewing porn non-consensually. Given that this may be what happened to Mr Parish, it is most unfair that he has already had the whip removed summarily, perhaps merely for this undereved misfortune.

    Every computer I have ever had has ended up with hundreds of thousands of unwanted documents on it that I didn’t put there myself. I dare say the police would find something to charge me for, if they took away all my devices, and knew what to look for. I only wish I knew what to look for nyself, that I could safely delete, so I wouldn’t have to buy new drives, bigger than those they are to replace, and to have the old drives cloned onto the new ones, junk and all, to avoid running out of space.

    • John, I think you may be right. Given the deviousness and nastiness of those that consider themselves our superiors, it’s entirely possible that Mr Parish may have been framed. Myself, I’ll wait for the facts.

  3. Alan-do you really think that MPs don’t do these things in the Commons? How many MPs listen to debates rather than just waiting to be told whoich door to go through?

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