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Censorship is Freedom of Speech

by Daniel Jupp

The EU threatens to ban Twitter because Elon Musk has made statements supporting free speech and political neutrality.

They don’t, of course, want political neutrality from any social media site, any newspaper, or any TV or radio station. They want all of them pressing the exact same policies and the exact same agenda.

There is a very strange effect going on. At one and the same time they strive mightily to conceal their crimes. They desperately want to control every source of information there is. They silence dissent. The shadow ban, and outright ban. They block access to Russian news, for instance, and they also kick millions of people off platforms, all the time, up to and including a serving President of the United States. But the very act of concealment is itself so obvious that, for the wise and the awake, it actually draws further attention to their crimes.

The threat of banning Twitter because of the very mild and reasonable position of Elon Musk on free speech, the position that they themselves would hold if they were classical liberals, defenders of freedom, or just anyone in the western world fifty years ago, is itself an indication of the scale of their evil authoritarianism. The efforts to control information in order to disguise their nature, are amongst the strongest indicators we have of their nature.

The ‘they’ I am talking about is the utterly uniform, utterly corrupt western political and media establishment, which includes the EU as only one of its many institutions. All of mainstream media, controlled by only a handful of companies, is another part of it, no less unaccountable, no less corrupt, and no less malign than the EU.

Just look at how non-threatening to anyone Musk’s comments have been, in relation at least to Twitter. He’s said that it was inappropriate to cover up the now completely verified Hunter Biden laptop. Those shocked by that, are saying they PREFER a society in which financial and sexual crimes of the worst nature involving the families of the most powerful politicians ARE covered up. Put it that way, and the reason they are frightened by free speech becomes even more obvious. Free speech threatens their power to do whatever they please and get away with it. It’s that simple.

Musk has also said he wants transparency, with everyone knowing how Twitter decides whether an account is suspended or banned. Again, this would be what the EU and others would be DEMANDING from social media platforms, if they themselves were innocent or benign. Instead they fear it. Could there be any clearer indication that they WANT hidden, secret, and highly partisan and unjust decision making in such organisations? That they want some voices silenced for political reasons, and that the excuses given regarding hate speech and protection of the vulnerable are just that, excuses?

The only vulnerability they worry about is their power, when exposed to the light of truth. The only way they are worried about hate speech is their worry that they won’t control it, that they won’t be directing who is hated, and who isn’t. Look at the explosion of threats and insane rants against Musk now. People tweeting that they want to skin him alive. The EU does not threaten to ban THAT hate speech. Just as they never threatened to ban Twitter when Islamists were talking about wiping Israel off the map, or when celebrities were fantasising about Trump’s then nine year old son being gang raped.

The fightback may not have destroyed their malice or their power. But it at least forces them to show us, in the very act of trying to conceal it, who and what they are. We should see. We should remember. We should say, whatever happens, I know what you are.

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