Mindcrime Liberty Show – Ep 97: Can societies exist without elites? / w/Keith Preston /

The Mindcrime Liberty Show is joined by Keith Preston to discuss whether a society without elites or a ruling class could exist? What exactly are elites and do they occur in most societies? Is there such a thing as a non-exploitative “elite”? Is Hayek right in why the worst get on top? If having power over others is the defining feature of elites what exactly is the power that they have? Where does that power come from? Do democracies create worse elites than autocracies or monarchies? Are elites a kind of category of people or are they merely the result of the system? Are first generation elites more innovative and dynamic than later iterations of elites?

Link to 3 part essay mentioned by Keith Preston entitled Sheep, Wolves, and Owls  https://attackthesystem.com/2011/07/0…

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