Nicholas Dykes: For a New Political Party – 08


Foreigners would continue to be welcome to settle in Britain regardless of nationality or place of origin. However, new rules would apply:

Anybody wishing to settle in Great Britain would be required to demonstrate that they had sufficient funds to live on for their first year of residency.  They would also be tested to make sure they had sufficient command of English to be able to obey traffic signals, read street signs, and understand simple commands such as:  “Stop!”  “Watch out!”  “Leave immediately!”  “Silence!”

Newcomers would be required to submit to a full medical examination and would be required to demonstrate that they had a comprehensive medical insurance policy from a recognised British insurance company.  Anybody unwilling or unable to fulfil these requirements would be refused admission.

No immigrant would qualify for any State benefit, as long as such exist. They have not contributed, so why should they expect, or be given, help?

Any immigrant found guilty of a crime against persons or property would be stripped of their possessions to the extent necessary to compensate their victims, immediately deported whence they came, and banned from further entry.  Any appeal would have to be conducted from their place of origin.  Non-existent ‘rights’, such as to a family life, would no longer be recognised as a defence against deportation.

All cases where foreign-born criminals have been allowed to remain in Britain on such spurious grounds would be reviewed and the original judicial findings overturned as necessary.  Law has often proved itself to be an ass, but nowhere more so than in recent judgements of this nature.

All deportees would be DNA tested, extensively photographed and x-rayed and their details published in newspapers and on the Parliamentary TV channel to discourage any from attempting to re-enter Britain secretly or in disguise.

Refugees from foreign conflicts or dictatorial regimes would be allowed entry without the above requirements but only into the care of charities established for the purpose – which would be required to make good whatever was missing, for instance, medical insurance.

The length of time needed to obtain British citizenship would be extended to seven years.  It would be raised as a matter of public debate whether those seeking citizenship should be required to demonstrate a reasonable command of the English language.

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