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Next, Please!

Among the British libertarian scene, there has been a mixed response to Boris Johnson’s resignation from Downing Street, though as we speak, he’s still holed up there like a sacked David Brent in ‘The Office’. Speaking purely from a personal point of view, here’s a few things Boris might’ve done differently to have made it successfully to a second election victory:

  1. Embraced Brexit and slashed and burned his way through thousands of EU regulations. Instead, his government kept all the old EU regs and slavishly copied all the new ones.
  2. Thrown ‘Wokeism’ into the bin and run a country composed of men, women, and children, rather than the 283+ different people types the Marxists have discovered. Instead, he ‘embraced’ Wokeism and all the communist nonsense it entails.
  3. Cut and simplified taxes, abandoned top rates of tax, lowered VAT taxes, and stopped strangling small business owners with IR35 regulations. Instead, he raised and complicated taxes, and tried to wipe out small businesses with onerous and unavoidable IR35 legislation.
  4. Stopped mass immigration and adopted a real Australian-type immigration system, which allowed people into the country that the British people wanted and which kept out everyone else. Instead, he allowed one million+ people to immigrate in the last 12 months alone, along with uncountable others in chain-migration applications.
  5. Abandoned ecomentalism and all of its ecofanatic twattery. Instead, he introduced future bans on gasoline cars and gas-fired central heating, along with a whole host of other stupidity to please his latest obnoxious Net Zero love interest.
  6. Lowered state involvement in all aspects of life. Instead, he increased it, for instance by actively trying to ban home education for children, plus a whole host of other intrusive bureaucratic measures.
  7. Stopped printing money to pay for worse than useless government programmes. Instead, Boris deliberately shut down the UK economy – to perhaps follow World Economic Forum directives or Chinese government propaganda? – and ostentatiously ignored the lesson of Sweden, that shutting down an entire economy at gunpoint to tackle an unknown virus was completely unnecessary; are all the people in Sweden dead yet? Some would say that Boris was ‘forced’ to do this, because of ‘media pressure’. Well, if that’s true, it didn’t do you much good in the end, did it? Perhaps it might’ve been better to stick to your original instincts – if they were your original instincts – to be brave and to ignore the London Mediariati, and then to follow Sweden’s path to much more relative success against the Chinese virus. Because of this decision to shut down the economy for the best part of two years, Boris and his chancellor then resorted to endless government borrowing to ‘pay’ for people to sit at home on their derrieres, which was then monetised by a subservient Bank of England, which is duly programmed to soak up all British government debt in a perpetual Escherian waterfall of endless new fiat money. The result? Rampaging price inflation, destroying the little people’s wealth, which combined with a lack of any UK political leader with the balls of Margaret Thatcher to stamp out price inflation, will not be tackled anytime soon. Indeed, it’s likely that the next Tory leader will order ‘inflation support’ cheques to be sent out to all and sundry to ‘ease the crisis’. The intelligence and education of Tory party MPs and leaders really does know no depths.

Anyhow, Boris, perhaps in an alternative universe you actually tried ‘conservatism’ and ‘libertarianism’ rather than trying to ape the Marxists and maybe in this other universe you succeeded rather than failed? We shall, of course, never know. Democracy, the God that failed, does tend to drive everything towards communism, so maybe it is impossible to retain freedom within an advancing democratic system?

Maybe now you’re about to lose power you’ll become a ‘Lew Rockwell libertarian’ again? But it will be too late.

Good riddance. Though do enjoy the ‘Blairite’ millions that will now come your way.

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