The week the green agenda tanked

July 5th-12th, 2022

In recent weeks, events have moved apace. In two countries in particular, there have been uprisings, both caused by political imposition of green policies on farmers.

In Sri Lanka, by early March a government-mandated “transition to organic agriculture” [[1]] had caused the production of rice (Sri Lankans’ staple food) and tea (their main export) to plummet by more than 20% in just a few months. The failure of the harvest in March led directly to the mass protests that have, as of July 12th, unseated from power Sri Lankan president Rajapaksa and several of his family. But this doesn’t mean at all that the suffering is over for Sri Lankans. Prospects for the next harvest look to be even worse: [[2]]. All supporters of green policies ought to feel shame and remorse, now they have seen the effects.

In the Netherlands, the world’s second largest food exporter, farmers have been protesting since 2019 against regulations aiming to halve emissions of gaseous nitrogen compounds, particularly ammonia, by 2030. These regulations are part of the EU’s so-called “Green Deal,” which in its turn has been prompted by the United Nations. At one of the protests on July 5th, Dutch police fired live ammunition at a tractor driving away from them. The protests [[3]] have begun to spread to other countries, notably Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland.

And yet, it is not at all clear that emissions of nitrogen compounds from farming cause any real and significant negative effects. This article [[4]] gives an idea of what is going on. The claim seems to be that there is a loss of “biodiversity” in certain “protected areas” that are part of an EU project called “Natura 2000.” But ask yourself: Which is more important? Some ill-defined, hard to measure thing called “biodiversity?” Or food for human beings?

What has happened in Sri Lanka shows that green meddling by politicians costs, not only prosperity, but also peace and lives. Rajapaksa has committed crimes against humanity, on a similar scale to Stalin’s policies that caused the Holodomor famine in Ukraine.

And Mark Rutte, Dutch prime minister, is an “agenda contributor” at the World Economic Forum, an organization that seeks to destroy our human civilization and prosperity, and to subject us to a globalist “Great Reset.” Yet the name of Rutte’s party, translated into English, is the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy! Freedom? Democracy? Concern for people? The “Great Reset” is none of these things. It, too, is a crime against humanity.





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