Axe the Tax on Fuel, Gas and Electricity – An Open Letter to the UK Media

Dear Sirs

It’s time to Axe the Tax on Fuel, Gas and Electricity. Will you be covering the Axe The Tax campaign from #Together?

I am a member of grassroots campaign organization #Together. We, Together’s over 300,000 signatories, today call on the next leader of this country to #AxeTheTax on fuel, gas and electricity. Specifically:

  • Axe fuel duty – currently 52%
  • Axe VAT on domestic gas & electricity bills – currently 5%
  • Axe VAT on fuel – currently 20%
  • Axe Government, environmental & social schemes tax on domestic gas and electricity – currently approx. 15%
  • Price cap of £1,300 for direct debit and pre-payment customers

The cost of COVID lockdowns has been enormous, and has hit small business people and workers in sectors such as hospitality particularly hard. These policies have been both unjust and harmful, as well as seriously impinging on our human rights and freedoms.

On top of this, we now face a cost-of-living crisis, with energy and fuel prices skyrocketing. While some of this may be the fault of Mr. Putin, by far the greatest cause of the unaffordability of energy today in the UK is government’s persistently bad energy policies over several decades. They have banned fracking, failed to develop nuclear power, and put in place a strategy of trying to run an industrial economy on “renewable” energies that are simply not up to the task. All for no better reason than to flaunt their “green” credentials to the UN and other bodies, that ought to have no say at all in how we the people of the UK run our democracy.

This situation is unsustainable and unacceptable. “Heat or eat” is already a very real dilemma for many families and older people across the country. For the next leader to fail to treat the people of the UK as the human beings we are, or to fail to rectify the insane environmental, economic, and energy policies currently being followed in the UK, would be political suicide.

We have come #Together to demand action and we think you should cover the Axe The Tax campaign ( because this topic affects every one of us.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Lock

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