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Racism a la Mode

by Daniel Jupp

It is a miracle that there hasn’t been a full on genocide inspired by wokeness yet. Because far more articles, headlines, books and news reports hating white people are produced today than were directed against Jews in the early 20th century in Germany.

This is not to reduce or lessen that historic crime. It is simply fact. Anti white rhetoric now pervades every facet of western civilisation. It is in every soap opera. It is in children’s books. It is in a legal codes whose hate speech laws and sentencing guidelines now designate that harms inflicted on white people receive a lower sentence then harms inflicted on minorities, whilst crimes performed by minorities should receive lesser punishments than crimes performed by white people. This is fact and is there in the U.K. legal system, the US legal system and others.

It is in films of every genre. It is stand up comedy routines. It is in theatre productions. It is of course rife in advertising. It is in quotas for jobs, and it is in employment laws which allow white applicants to be excluded. It is in the media worshipping black murderers and drug dealers or pretending they are martyrs killed by racist white cops for no reason connected in any way to their own violence and criminality. It is in the celebration of brutal ethnic thuggery as heroic racial struggle.

It is in the crime figures which show, for a certain fact, that far more white people are attacked and harmed by ethnic minorities than the other way round. And it is nobody caring about that. It is in an average of 500,000 racially motivated assaults against white people every year in the US. It is Stephen Lawrence being a cause lasting decades, and Kriss Donald being forgotten a week after his death.

It is in Black Lives Matter being celebrated when they are domestic terrorists, and white parents objecting to school boards being labelled as terrorists for expressing an opinion. It Is in riots being excused and statues being pulled down and history being rewritten to continually pretend that oppression, slavery, conquest and injustice were invented by white people rather than present from all races to all races through all human history.

And the capacity of the modern world to generate hate and lie about race far exceeds that of any past dictatorship. No Nazi editor, no Jew hating Tsar, no Stalinist judge had access to the resources of the modern media and modern academia. They simply could not print as much hate, write as much hate, and deliver as much hate to as many people in the perfect security of knowing their hate will never be questioned or opposed or outlawed. A single respectable publishing company, a Penguin Books for example, now probably sells more anti white racism in a single year than Nazi printing presses could produce against Jews in a decade.

This is simply a difference of modern capacity and technology, like the difference between a flintlock rifle and an AR-15. Add in social media. Add in the 24 hour news cycle. Add in film industries worth trillions. Add in the internet. Add in huge corporations all suborned to woke propaganda. Add in tens of thousands of diversity officers. The sheer capacity of this hate to reach millions has never been equalled, and it is relentless and unchallenged.

It is a great credit to the majority of ordinary people of all races that we aren’t all fighting to the death on the streets in gangs divided along racial lines. But this is what the corporations, the media and the powers that be seem to want. This is what the kind of non stop hate being directed at white people has led to when directed at others. We have the example of the terrible things done to Jews. We have the example of the Rwandan Massacre. This is what the people who DARE to talk about micro aggressions and being offended and hurtful language are playing with. They are selfish children juggling grenades whilst warning others about playing with matches.

Every fucking article saying a women’s football team is too white or a music crowd is too white or a type of bloody music is too white is one of those grenades. And the evil hypocritical fools will drop them eventually. And people will die.

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