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This is Your Future

by Daniel Jupp

This is Your Future

  1. You are a Serf. Most people are Serfs. You have no say in any political process and that’s ok because you know you are too ignorant, uneducated, stupid and selfish to make proper decisions. Thankfully there are people who are better than you and who generously tell you what to think and do. These people are Masters. You must love and respect them.
  2. You eat bugs. Mealworms, crickets, locusts. You’ve never seen real meat. You believe eating meat is selfish unless you are a Master, in which case it is a deserved reward for innate higher worth.
  3. You don’t live very long. Only long enough to be useful, and never long enough to be a burden. If your body persists beyond its usefulness to the Masters, it is disposed of in body processing centres called ‘hospitals’. These are generously provided by your Masters.
  4. You worship both the Masters and the Hospitals. Why wouldn’t you? They decide on life and death.
  5. You do not travel. You have no car, and you have never been in an airplane. You walk, or you ride on public transport which is dangerous and unreliable. You will only ever travel a great distance if you are needed for some whim or building project by the Masters. You are excited if you get to build a giant pyramid whilst being whipped.
  6. You have no thoughts of your own. You are incapable of such a thing, and consider it evil and selfish in others of your kind. If by some freak of genetic and spiritual throwback you possess thoughts of your own, these make you miserable and you must hide them. If you don’t hide them, you disappear.
  7. You have no family. There are no fathers and mothers. There are no children or grandparents. There are Serfs and Masters. Every Master is more than a father or a mother. Every Master is an owner. You are content to be owned. It is safe.
  8. A Serf never becomes a Master. A Master never becomes a Serf. If someone suggests the possibility, you burst into laughter.
  9. Now and then you painfully put your tick to a piece of paper which changes nothing. You don’t know why. It’s a very ancient ritual. It’s called ‘an election’.
  10. You do a lot of drugs and fuck a lot. You fuck ‘men’, ‘women’, ‘children’ and animals. You have no preference. Every fuck is a distraction. Every fuck is good. When you are not working, fuck, sleep or do drugs. This is the life of a Serf. It is a good life.
  11. Life is only ever spoilt by disruptive people who say bad things about the Masters. These are the only evil you are conscious of. They must be hated. They must be eliminated. They risk everything that is good and that the Masters have achieved. If they succeed in criticising the Masters, all life on the planet will end.
  12. You are homeless. You have ten thousand homes. All of them are tiny cubicles in places convenient to Masters. You sleep in the cubicle, and obey when called. There is no particular cubicle you cherish above other cubicles.
  13. You are happy. You are always happy. It seems to you that society is a wonderful machine, and you are a cog within this machine. That is good. That is purposeful. Only falling out of the machine is worrisome. That is your only fear. It haunts you. But it makes you more useful and eager to please.
  14. You have no gender. You have ten thousand genders. You can be fucked by anything. You can fuck anything. This makes you useful. Sometimes a Master will tell you to ‘be this’ and you will ‘be this’. But you have no preferences of your own.

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