More on the Vaccine that Kills

by Daniel Jupp

Sudden large percentage increase of miscarriages and still births in the countries with the highest take up rates.

Sudden decline in birth rates for the same nations.

The same impacts missing or much lower in nations with a lower take up rate.

Fauci finally admitting that there are menstrual irregularities as a side effect, but claiming these are transitory.

Studies now confirm adverse impacts on both male and female fertility.

Facebook shuts down a discussion group where 21,000 women were sharing information about adverse menstrual effects they have experienced.

A Swedish study from February confirms….well you know how ‘it affects your DNA’ was a wacky conspiracy theory? It’s MRNA, not DNA, stupid! According to a summary report in The Epoch Times and quotes from an experienced gynaecology expert, the Swedish study shows conversion of the MRNA to altered DNA in the human liver.

They had animal testing studies from 2012 showing rapid spread from the deltoid muscle (or equivalent injection site in animals).

They had animal testing studies from 2012 showing concentration of lipid nanoparticles in the ovaries.

They told everyone it would not spread throughout the body or linger in the body or adhere to organs or effect any changes other than the beneficial ones intended.

They pretended that the lipid nanoparticles and the spike protein had no negative effects.

They pretended that the whole thing would do its protective job then rapidly flush out of the body with minimal or no other effects.

They supplied it to pregnant woman and urged pregnant women to get it.

They knew about the 2012 animal testing results when they did all this. Which means they knew that they had direct scientific evidence that everything reassuring they were saying was a lie.

The 2012 animal testing and the Pfizer trial evidence both confirm prior knowledge of extensive harms and severe adverse effects resulting from this medicine. There is no way they could not have been aware that the evidence suggested this medicine was dangerous.

This means that supplying it and suppressing those results indicate deliberate intent to harm.

The Swedish study from February and the information on stillbirths, adverse reactions and birth rate declines are now beginning to prove what the prior studies showed.

This stuff harms human fertility. Significantly. And this is still without looking at long term consequences. Who knows what future abnormalities and issues derive from experimental procedures that can affect DNA and fertility and which had evidence suppressed or ignored and shortcuts taken in their development?

They still pretend negative effects are inconsequential, so tiny in number and  so temporary in nature that they are in line with the potential negatives from any beneficial medicine. There are side effects from penicillin or from lemsip or from anything in your cupboard for headaches, colds, depression or acne.

But we are actually talking about effects that even if a tiny fraction of overall responses potentially affect millions of people when you supply them to billions of people. Are millions of people inconsequential? We are talking about effects that might impinge on the fertility of an entire generation or pass on negative effects to another generation. Is that transitory? Or is that a massive and insane risk to take?

Nobody knows. Those who speculate or suspect based on their existing expertise are silenced.

I won’t be surprised if this post is removed and I receive another ban. But it has to be said. We have to see it. We have to say it.

They knew their cure wasn’t a cure and that it fucked with fertility and human reproduction. Why did they go ahead?

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