Truss v Sunak: A Brief Comment

I am involved in a Facebook debate over the respective worth of Rishi Sunak and “Liz” Truss. The general agreement is that neither will be a suitable Prime Minister, and we need to find another party to vote for. However, some of the people in this debate claim that the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the British Conservative Party is a consequence of its embrace of free markets. Here is my response:

“With respect, these people are not free market conservatives – not conservatives, not for markets, or for freedom. They are a bunch of glib asset-strippers who trade on our fear of another Labour Government, but whose entire ambition is to make as much as they can in bribes before it’s the other side’s turn again. I don’t have much personal knowledge of these parasites, but I did in the 1980s know their own parasites – Toryboys who spent their youth acquiring neither professional skills nor humane knowledge, and whose actual skill in providing whores and drugs and plausibly-deniable conduits for corruption is their only alternative to working in telesales for a boiler room scam. The entire ecology of the modern Conservative Party is rotten, and I for one am looking for someone else to vote for. But don’t think ill on this account of free markets or conservatism. They are both honourable belief systems.”


  1. Liz Truss is married to Hugh O’Leary. The fact that she does not call herself Elizabeth O’Leary rings alarm bells: she is a post-cultural revolution politician. I think she will drag her heels on the NI Protocol (although the fact that Germany is going into recession next year is a perfect opportunity to do what we want in NI; we are also going into recession, but we have our own currency and greater room for manoeuvre). She is likely to peddle the mendacious narrative that mass immigration is good for the economy! Not for GDP per capita it isn’t!. We are heading for further decline. Brexit was an opportunity to start to reverse decline, an opportunity deliberately wasted by the Conservatives.

  2. Whoops. I made a mistake by commenting here on a supposedly “libertarian” blog that moderates comments. I won’t make the mistake again.

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  3. I am warming to Liz Truss. I think she may surprise us all. But she will be stymied by the Establishment, just as Margaret Thatcher was.
    Neil Oliver pointed out last Saturday, in his GB News programme, that people are waking up to the fact that all the disasters that are befalling us are doing so because they are MEANT to happen. We face an invasion of illegal immigrants, which the government is determined shall continue. We face food shortages – and indeed famine in Africa – and the government is trying to ban farming. We face an energy shortage, and the government refuses to release the oil and gas beneath our feet, and to ban imports of plentiful Russian oil & gas. We face electricity blackouts, and the government shows no interest in nuclear power – and to exacerbate the problem, they are mandating electric cars in six years’ time, when there clearly will not be enough electricity to power them.
    Neil Oliver quoted his wife, who had commented that the idea is not that we should ‘go green’ but ‘go without’.
    I concluded, during the Blair terror, that the government was declaring war on its people. Twenty five years later, it is becoming impossible to ignore.

    • I’m not warming to her at all. She strikes me as stupid and possibly insane. On the whole, I prefer the sleazy billionaire, though accept that he has no chance of winning. Whoever does get in, however, we shall have a Conservative Prime Minister who will not be able to disappoint me. I expect nothing good. Nothing good will happen. If I am wrong, I can only be pleasantly surprised – but I do not expect any surprises.

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