Is Anyone Else Cold?

I have worked out, by checking the bills, that twelve days of central heating, at a reduced temperature, and for only a third of the day, and with radiators turned off in rooms that are not often used, adds £400 to our gas bill. Not surprisingly, we have turned the heating off. We are wearing thicker clothes indoors. When the temperature becomes uncomfortably cold, we wear electric blankets. Even so, we are cold almost all the time when we are not in bed.

That is my experience. It seems to be the experience of the people I know. In one of my Latin classes, for example, one of my students logs into the lesson from his bed. Another sits in her kitchen wearing an overcoat and hat and scarf. Yet, though I pay little attention to the mainstream media, I see no extended discussions of and complaints about what the Government is doing to us.

Am I missing something?

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  1. Yes, you are missing something. What you’re missing is that, in common with most white people, the British people are too civilised for their own good and will not do anything.

    Jo Cox spent her time abusing her own people and waltzing round being a telescopic philanthropist. It never entered her head that a white man might have the moral and physical courage to execute her. That’s why she did what she did. She just assumed, perhaps latently rather than consciously, that white people are soft and weak and can be pushed around.

    Then one day…..

    There are places in the world, and there are times past in our country, when politicians and bureaucrats would be hanging from trees and lampposts. The problem is that this type of thinking now appalls people. I think it’s partly the end result of Christianity and its axiological moral grammar, but the point in plain terms is this:

    1. It is possible to be too nice for your own good.

    2. Sometimes you do have to be selfish and think first about Number One, and in an extended sense, be ‘collectively selfish’ and put your own nation and civilisation first.

    It’s a harsh lesson that white people are slowly learning and when the last of them has learned it, it will be far too late and all the Latin and Greek texts that you cherish will be thrown away and burned and forgotten and the civilisation you hold up as the greatest and all its liberties and freedoms will be trampled underfoot and everything will be ash, because the genetic legacy of the people that created it will be biologically extinct.

    The problem is that there is a risk equation to consider. Doing something means police interest and prison. Why should I take that risk and effectively give up my own life for a race of idiots who will actually curse and revile me for doing something? Why? I won’t. I imagine thousands of others have made the same calculation. Besides which, I simply don’t have the bottle. I’m too rational. I’m like one of those British soldiers who ran away into the countryside before Market Garden. That’s what a rational person would do because war and violence are insane – unfortunately, they are also sometimes necessary, and like it or not, somebody has to ‘swing the blade’.

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