Is Anyone Else Cold?

I have worked out, by checking the bills, that twelve days of central heating, at a reduced temperature, and for only a third of the day, and with radiators turned off in rooms that are not often used, adds £400 to our gas bill. Not surprisingly, we have turned the heating off. We are wearing thicker clothes indoors. When the temperature becomes uncomfortably cold, we wear electric blankets. Even so, we are cold almost all the time when we are not in bed.

That is my experience. It seems to be the experience of the people I know. In one of my Latin classes, for example, one of my students logs into the lesson from his bed. Another sits in her kitchen wearing an overcoat and hat and scarf. Yet, though I pay little attention to the mainstream media, I see no extended discussions of and complaints about what the Government is doing to us.

Am I missing something?

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