Ukraine and Beyond

by Michael Wood

We need to review the Ukraine war and what precisely is the case (as against what the media and puppet-politicians are telling us).

1. Remember what Angela Merkel said: The Minsk agreement was to stall for time, so that Ukraine could be brought up to NATO standard so they could fight Russia “on behalf of NATO”.

2. Putin at that time was hoping for a peaceful resolution, which is what he was led to believe.

3. Ukraine has, to date, completely “lost” two armies, all of its air force helicopters, most of its fixed wing planes and pretty well all of its tanks.

4. Ukraine is on its “third” (now almost entirely mercenary) army, and the mercenaries are drifting off back home because they understand what is happening.

5. Ukraine is now starting to conscript totally untrained students etc.

6. Ukraine is contributing very little to this war, they are just the cannon fodder and they are running out of manpower, most of their troops are mercenaries wearing Ukraine colours.

7. Ukraine’s General Zaluzhnyi is a good general, very experienced and knows what he’s doing, but he’s not in charge here, neither is Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

8. Moscow won’t hold any discussions with Zelenskyy because they know he’s not in charge, he’s just an actor hired to deliver speeches. When they were holding discussions last year they were holding conference calls with Blinken and other “individuals”… Zelenskyy and General Zaluzhnyi weren’t even there.

9. The Biden administration is now saying that they need a major breakthrough by spring, they know that beyond that, they cannot win because there will be literally no one left to fight on their behalf. A huge number of fighting age men have left Ukraine already. And worse yet, all the sanctions placed on Russia, seem to be working in Russia’s favour and against NATO’s home economic interests.

10. Putin is not really the issue for the west, nor is it actually the present incursion into the Ukraine – that is just an excuse, it’s Russia returning to traditional Christianity and rejecting globalism and the whole “global culture” that worries them. If we refuse to understand what western politics and “culture” is about, how ingrained is this invisible monster of globalism, then we fail to understand just how bad our own position is. Jacques Attlee said decades ago the only threat to them (the globalists) is the potential for Russia returning to traditional Christianity! Well it has done that, and despite MSM pretending otherwise, it is working very well.

11. NATO is already talking about Moldova playing the role of the next “Ukraine”.

12. Remember, remember, that multiple Orthodox Church Elders have predicted that the first conflict around Russia’s borders will trigger further conflicts, culminating eventually in a truly major conflict which will likely be in the near end of the middle east.

Father Michael is an Orthodox monastic Priest head, of Saint Bride Hermitage in Scotland, blessed to the Western Rite along with many others in other countries. He has followed the Rule of Saint Columcille for many years.

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