Charles, Prince of Wales

A Greeting to King Big Ears

by Daniel Jupp

As a subject of the Crown I owe loyalty to the Monarchy. As a patriot I owe loyalty to my country. As a conservative I owe loyalty to my ancestors, to tradition, and to history.

Fortunately my love of country does not require me to support a traitorous government. My loyalty to the throne does not include loyalty to a treasonous Monarch. My respect for my ancestors requires me not to respect those who traduce them. And my conservatism rejects any Conservative government, or any traditional institution, that betrays its traditional purpose.

Knowing history, too, teaches me that my nation has removed or turned against Monarchs who betray their role before. There is in rebellion against tyranny, and rejection of traitorous rule, the longest and noblest tradition of all. Englishness itself can in some ways be viewed as the long narrative of such rebellion.

A woke Monarch is a traitor. Wokeness is predicated on treason to one’s ancestors, one’s history, one’s nation and its people.

Just as a Parliament that betrays its people has no moral authority over them, so too does a Monarch who betrays his people have no call upon them and no right to expect their support.

When Parliament betrays us, we can recall Cromwell’s description of it. When a monarch betrays us, we can recall the fates of Charles I and James II.

Charles III can fuck off with his call for reparations from Britain to others, just like every other Brit hating, white hating woke parasite can. He should recall the first English Monarch to bear his name, and suppress his personal views except where they express total devotion and loyalty to his land and his people. If he’s more worried about other people, and more interested in virtue signalling or WEF schemes than in devoted service to our nation, he should abdicate.


  1. Yes, an out-and-out traitor, who sees the future of the monarchy in peddling every Far Left cause. Prince William is, if anything, even worse. There is a problem with conservatives wanting to preserve the outward forms of traditionalism, while the internal content of those forms has been totally destroyed. The monarchy must go now. It only exists to ensure our destruction.

    • I don’t often agree with you, David, but you’re absolutely right on this one. The monarchy must go. The big question is what replaces it.

        • We should retain the Crown without a monarchy. Appoint a hereditary peer as ‘Crown Protector’, each to serve a fixed term. We could still have the traditional Coronation ceremony, but it would be for a Saxon-style elective ‘monarch’ rather than a hereditary monarch.

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