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I watched about 45 seconds of the Coronation Service today. It involved a sad and tired old man, shambling about with a billion pounds worth of jewellery, and surrounded by various graded of ermined trash. I avoided the long and wilful perjury of the Coronation Oath. Long before she died, his mother had earned the title of Elizabeth the Useless. At least, however, her coronation took place in a first rate nation and was attended by much hope. I doubt if anyone watched today’s proceedings with hope. I doubt indeed, that, outside our own country and a few pockets of the White Commonwealth, anyone bothered watching it.

Every one of our governing institutions has been taken over by saboteurs or incompetents. These institutions have been wrecked beyond repair. If we are ever lucky enough to pass under a Caesaristic dictatorship, our Leader’s whole job will be to fit us out with new institutions, and a total exclusion from these of anyone involved in the old institutions.

Charles III will abdicate if he lives to eighty. He will probably be followed by Willian V, whose own coronation service will be about as exciting as the investiture of some corrupt Northern mayor. There will be no George VII.

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