The establishment have made a serious false move on ULEZ

When Mr. Justice Swift was handed the case of the five councils versus the Mayor of London over the ULEZ expansion, he must have thought it was an easy one. The establishment, both the “deep state” and the politicians, told him with one voice: Find in favour of Sadiq Khan! He could see “points of law” that would support that position. So, he looked forward, not only to a high-profile, lucrative and easy case, but to the rewards that come with finding in favour of the establishment.

Over recent months, it has become clear that the people of outer London are not happy with the idea of ULEZ expansion. It costs them money they don’t have, while giving them nothing at all in return. And for many, particularly older and poorer people, it will mean an end to personal mobility altogether.

That has changed the attitude of a few politicians. Notably, those outer London MPs, like Gareth Bacon, who actually do care about the people they are supposed to represent. Well, that’s what “democracy” is supposed to do for us. And even Sunak appeared to be wavering. But the establishment have their agenda, and they didn’t want to be deflected from it.

I did expect that Mr. Justice Swift (who, in the event, became Mr. Justice Slowe) would try to temporize. To make a “Roe v. Wade” style decision, which appeared to give ground to both sides, while actually satisfying neither. But he chose to go full-on with the establishment line. The document giving the ruling is not yet available. But when it is, I suspect that it will be taken apart by every lawyer worth his salt.

I can’t see the implementation of the ULEZ extension failing to lead to big trouble. Even to riots. I hope to see mass non-payment. The anti-poll-tax slogan, “Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!” will take on a new lease of life.

And when it finally enters the minds of the people of outer London, and the rest of us, that Sadiq Khan was lying all along about air quality benefits, and that the “consultation” was rigged, and that the judge in this case was not impartial…

Nigel Farage has recently shown us that the banks are dishonest. We all know that the politicians are dishonest. Now we know, beyond doubt, that the judiciary are dishonest, too.

That is a very serious false move by our enemies the establishment.

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