A Chinese View of the Ukraine War

An interesting argument yesterday with one of my Chinese students. He said that the Chinese authorities have great respect for the British intervention in the Ukraine War. They believe that the target is not the Russians, and that eventually the British and Russians will reach an amicable agreement. The target was the Germans. Cutting off the flow of cheap Russian hydrocarbons has crippled the German economy. This has weakened the European Union and put a stop to any attempt at building European armed forces. The only European country able to ride out this crisis in reasonable economic and military shape is Britain, which will eventually impose its will on Germany and France. The East European countries will come out of this war with a strengthened and angry Russia on their borders, and with a weakened Germany. The only country remotely able to protect them will be Britain, and they will not repeat the stab in the back of 2019, when they sided with Germany of the Remainers in our Brexit negotiations.

He said my reading of the British ruling class as a bunch of incompetent traitors was superficial, and that the Ukraine War is the real Brexit. He even suggested that the Americans had been sucked into a trap, with a probable loss of dollar supremacy from which the pound and the City of London would emerge with enhanced power.

My response was that he was too clever by half and that he should apply himself to his Greek verb tables. Except I don’t regard the death of 350,000 Ukrainian soldiers as a legitimate price for doing over the French and Germans, I can’t presently think of an argument against his case.


  1. I don’t think the civil service has thought it through like that. They just like to attach themselves to US power. It may be that the fracturing of international relations gives Britain more room for manoeuvre, subject to less US/German tutelage, but they won’t have planned it out like this as such. For a start, if this is true, why not build a border between NI and Ireland with customs posts in Londonderry, Fermanagh etc. If what your student says is correct, we can tell the EU to like it or lump it and that we will remove our security guarantees from Eastern Europe if it is not accepted…. but Britain would never do that. France would and so would most self-respecting countries, but the UK is ideologically committed to globalism. Let’s hope globalism is on its last legs anyway.

    • It’s a clever case, though. My respect for the Chinese intellect continually grows. I think the only fault here is that my student is unable to understand that Britain is not what it was when it lorded over China in the nineteenth century.

  2. You can’t think of an argument against this proposition? Let me help you – it’s crazy.
    There are a number of factors driving this war in Ukraine, none of them half as convoluted as your Chinese friend proposes. First, as always, is money. The US arms manufacturers are raking in a fortune from the escapade, as are the Bidens, as is Zelensky. $113 billion so far and rising, half of which nobody seems to be able to account for, not to mention the revenue from the US weapons sold to all sorts of dodgy people by Ukraine on the black market. The US has pumped more money into Ukraine than Russia’s entire defence budget, or Ukraine’s entire annual GDP. No wonder Zelensky has made it illegal to negotiate with Putin.
    The US arms manufacturers are owned by BlackRock. The same BlackRock that is planning to take over what is left of Ukraine once it has been destroyed by Russia. The same BlackRock that is driving the ESG agenda that cost Nigel his bank account at Coutts. It’s all tied together, like a spider’s web.
    Putin is having nothing to do with the ‘woke’ ESG revolution that is destroying the West. He has described, accurately in my view, the sexualisation and mutilation of our children as ‘Satanic’. Russia remains a country where only the men are equipped with penises.
    He is also a Nationalist, which is an un-forgiveable crime to the Globalists.
    The ONLY reason there is fighting in Ukraine today is Boris Johnson. There was a peace deal, brokered by Turkey, on the table in Appril last year. But Biden dispatched Boris to Ukraine to persuade Zelensky not to sign it, telling him we would back him ‘for as long as it takes’, whatever that may mean.
    If it hadn’t been for Boris’s blundering intervention, the fighting would have lasted a few weeks and been over. Now we are on a trajectory towards nuclear war with the world’s largest nuclear power – and we are probably number one on his hit list.

    • I certainly agree that BoJo the Damned must be held accountable in this world for his crimes before he reaches the next

  3. China had little input into the conflict, but there is something to be said for the economic impact to the EU, UK and US. While the conflict does contribute to the energy crisis, the big concern should be the political destabilization within the region, particularly Russia where Putin’s delusional state enhances the prospect for nuclear confrontation.

  4. If the UK government had any grasp of economics the Chinese argument might have more credibility. But the fact that this government is ideologically opposed to fossil fuels suggests otherwise. I won’t dwell on the globalism, the woke drivel, the economic cancellations, the ESG, the civil forfeiture, the detentions without trial, lock-downs, diversity, equality, ULEZ and all the rest of the intolerable oppressions these traitors have foist upon us but a brief survey of the Tory cabinet provides sufficient indication that there is little sign hope on the horizon either.
    Sorry to be so pessimistic but history deserves an honest appraisal of our plight and let’s face it – short of a free market in money, energy, and education we are most likely doomed.

    • Sadly, you may be right. The Chinese are probably under the impression that we are still the Lords of Creation who crashed into them in 1840-59, but that we are carefully hiding that from the world.

    • My only hope is that the Conservatives go down to a massive defeat next year. They certainly deserve to. Liz Truss was a bit better than Sunak – but she should not have thought of unfunded tax cuts, but instead should have funded them by cutting the state.

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