E-Mail to Natalie Elphicke MP, Regarding the Energy Bill

Dear Natalie,

I notice you have voted for the Energy Bill – https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/58-03/0340/220340.pdf . This is one of the most grotesque and totalitarian laws brought in by this Government since the Lockdown.

1. It openly defines smart meters as devices to regulate my use of electricity:

“Energy smart appliance” means an appliance which is capable of adjusting the immediate or future flow of electricity into or out of itself or another appliance in response to a load control signal; and includes any software or other systems which enable or facilitate the adjustment to be made in response to the signal.

It gives the suppliers of these devices the authority the force me to have one in my house:

Requiring persons to supply evidence of their compliance to enforcement authorities; conferring powers of entry, including by reasonable force.

It gives the authorities power to impose regulations on how I heat my house:

The Secretary of State may make regulations for any of these purposes: (a) enabling or requiring the energy usage or energy efficiency of premises to be assessed, certified and publicised;

If I ignore these dictations, I can be fined:

Energy performance regulations may provide for the imposition of civil penalties by enforcement authorities in relation to cases falling within subsection (1)(b), (c) or (d); but the regulations may not provide for a civil penalty that exceeds £15,000.

It allows the authorities to give me specific instructions on how and whether I heat my house:

The Secretary of State may by regulations (“ESOS regulations”) make provision for the establishment and operation of one or more energy savings opportunity schemes. An “energy savings opportunity scheme” is a scheme under which obligations 30 are imposed on undertakings to which the scheme applies for one or more of the ESOS purposes.

I wasn’t aware that voting Conservative in 2019 would take me and my fellow-citizens straight into some green-leftist police state. I was also under the vague impression that you, at least, might speak out against anything untoward. I shall not be so trusting again.




  1. I’ve been looking in votes.parliament.uk to try to find out who voted which way on the Energy Bill, but I’ve drawn a blank. There have been six recent divisions in the Lords, but for the Commons I can find nothing at all, even if I move the start of the time window back to 2019.


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