Lies and Bribery: Bribery and Lies

Michael Wood

In both the UK and the US we the public are gradually learning that the so-called civil service (public service) is dominating the elected representatives in parliament, to the extent that they are now directly contravening government policy and ministerial instructions.  Forty-two career civil servants from sixteen Government departments have written to the Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case, expressing their dismay at widespread woke infestation.

The progressive creep of the non-negotiable doctrine of diversity and inclusion, of gender politics, and anything and everything else woke, which affects everything from the budget to foreign policy to war – and which has apparently infested the civil service is generally well-known and acknowledged, yet never really publicly discussed, much less debated.    The primary concern is the extent to which this infestation has, and will continue significantly to influence formulation and implementation of all Government policy through effective policy “advice” and policy resistance by civil servants.  There is at last perhaps going to be action taken – something that will require some creativity.

Trump is an outsider – not one of the political insiders who enjoy the gravy train.  He saw the swamp that the military-industrial-bureaucratic complex had become.  The biggest company in the US  BlackRock (15 trillion dollars) which owns controlling shares in ALL US arms companies, ALL US big Pharma companies  and ALL US media companies, is headed by the CEO-Chairman Larry Fink who is held to be the REAL president of the USA because he CAN dictate government policy.

Whether one likes Trump or not, he was on the right track.  I believe for technical reasons that there is no doubt at all that the last US elections were rigged and that the non-elected officials have used every trick in the book to cover that up.  I do wonder whether that rigging will happen in the next election – it might just be too obvious.

Ideally I would like to see a man in his fifties, who was a political outsider like Trump, and a billionaire (therefore virtually unbribable) standing in the USA on a Trump-like ticket of cleaning out the swamp and STOPPING the stupid war in Ukraine immediately.  Ideally he would be a genuine practising Christian too.

Ideally I would like to see Sunak replaced immediately with a genuine practising Christian who held to traditional Conservative low tax, low regulation policies.  I would like him to be unbribable, no older than sixty-five.

Lies and bribery:  We know that dating back to the early seventies at least there has been traceable political bribery.  Promises of post-premiership speaking tours totalling millions of pounds are a way of bribing a Prime Minister/Minister …… and it works.  Lies are stock-in-trade for politicians – we all know that ……. hence my wish for a practising Christian who is hopefully less given to lies and rich enough to be less attracted by promises of post ministerial speaking tours.  Naive I realise, but maybe worth a try.


  1. You say “I do wonder whether that [vote] rigging will happen in the next election – it might just be too obvious.”
    They don’t care if it is. We all know what is going on, and they know that we know – the grotesquely selective application of the law; the ballot-harvesting and vote-rigging; the unashamed bribery and corruption – and they don’t give a flying flamingo about any of it.
    Their unspoken message to the electorate is “What are you going to do about it?”
    And frankly, there is not much we CAN do this side of a revolution.

  2. I agree with most of this, but I fail to see why you should prefer ‘a genuine practising Christian’. A principled person of any religion, or indeed a sincere agnostic, would surely be equally suitable? Just a person with PRINCIPLES!

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