Left and Right and the Globalist Elite

Left wing and right wing do have a sort of meaning. I am seen as right wing because I believe in a very free market and a very modest state in terms of tax and spending. I have left wing friends who believe that markets are inefficient or unfair, and who want much more state intervention to correct these defects. However, we are faced by a global ruling class that is not left or right wing. Instead, it speaks a rather leftist language, while making huge sums of money from a set of markets rigged by the state, and which is mainly interested in turning us into impoverished, bug-eating slaves – and who may want to kill ninety per cent of us to make the world a nicer place in which to be rich and powerful. Therefore, I suggest that arguments between conservatives/libertarians and socialists should be suspended until normal politics can be resumed

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  1. I see the “left” versus “right” divide as an oxymoron. According to the original 1789 definition, the establishment is right-wing, and those who oppose it are left-wing. Socialism is a political ideology that puts something (in my view non-existent) called “society” above human beings, and thus favours the state and its establishment cronies against the individual. So, it is right-wing. As are communism, fascism, crony “capitalism,” plutocracy, Toryism, and even theocracy.

    For me, Enlightenment liberalism, individualism, and a few branches of anarchism are the only “political” ideologies opposed to today’s establishment. If the left-right divide is to have meaning any more, we libertarians should identify ourselves as left-wing. But in any case, rather than left versus right, I prefer Enlightenment liberalism versus authoritarianism, or otherwise put, individualism versus collectivism.

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