David Carr on BBC Radio Sunday Evening – 16th September 2007

David Carr, Director of Legal Affairs for the Libertarian Alliance, will be on BBC Radio Five this evening (Sunday the 16th September 2007) after 10:00pm BST. He will be talking about the Human Rights Act, and the desire of our political class to act without any legal constraints.

This will be a quality performance. Do try to tune in.


Station: BBC Radio Five (http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/)
On air: 909khz medium wave
On-line: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/fivelive.shtml
Time: 10:00pm BST, Sunday the 16th September 2007
Programme: Stephen Nolan Live phone-in on the main stories of the day
Call free on 0500 909 693 or text 85058 [network rates apply]
Send E-mail to nolan@bbc.co.uk
Text to 85058

As said, please do try to tune in. Also, please do send in e-mails and texts of support, and consider calling the programme to voice your support. Bear in mind that the usual callers to these programmes are fools or lefties. It’s up to you to provide the balance!

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  1. David did exellently. Virgin media has cocked my land line up at the moment, so I couldn’t phone in, but I sent an email observing that, whilst I dislike the Human Rights act, I would not trust the government to replace it, especially in this context, and, let’s face it, that the Act “ties one hand behind the government’s back” is an odd complaint, because it is supposed to constrain government.

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