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Well having sent out the announcement re David Carr, I can now say that I shall be on the same station at midnight. I have been booked to discuss the fraudulent claim that half the population wants tougher penalties against people who drop litter in public. It seems that the beastly health fascists who gave us the smoking ban are upset that people continue to smoke outside enclosed “public” places, and so are getting up a clamour about dogends in the street. I will try to be polite to whatever creep is sent on to defend this, but I expect I shall fail.

Do try to tune in.


Station: BBC Radio Five (
On air: 909khz medium wave
Time: Midnight BST, Sunday the 16th September 2007
Programme: Stephen Nolan Live phone-in on the main stories of the day
Call free on 0500 909 693 or text 85058 [network rates apply]
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Text to 85058

As said, please do try to tune in. Also, please do send in e-mails and texts of support, and consider calling the programme to voice your support. Bear in mind that the usual callers to these programmes are fools or lefties. It’s up to you to provide the balance!


  1. Ha ha, classic. I liked it when Nolan asked you “who are you trying to protect?”

    The people that are being looted to pay for these daft initiatives is the answer.

  2. I notice you haven’t written/said anything about the right to keep and bear arms recently, Sean. Do you realise we’re fast approaching ten years since the Great Gun Grab of ’97 (~30th September)? Time to hammer home the point some more.

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