SEAN GABB in the media again – on the BBC re Free Speech

Here is Sean Gabb doing his stuff for everyone, again!


  1. Excellent showing there from Sean Gabb!

    It did go around in circles a bit because of course the interviewer, like most people supporting the “hate speech laws”, didn’t have any deeper philosophical support for his views; whereas Sean could state a clear view based on principle, the interviewer could only basically say he’s a nice chap who thinks not nice people shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

    Just personally, in Sean’s position, I may have asked the interviewer to suppose this were the 1930s and he were prevented by law from criticising Nazism on his wireless show, in order to not offend Germans. Or some similar example. But obviously invoking nazism can backfire.

    Anyway, excellent bit of the Libertarian view there. Nice one 🙂

  2. Yep, you could tell that the interviewer had to go around the houses to avoid the implications of logic. Thoroughly wretched people aren’t they?

    Sean ought to have said to him that it’s not a question of Freedom of Speech, it’s a question of speech, full stop.

    To part-paraphrase someone or other; when they start regulating speech, it’s only a matter of time before they start regulating breathing!

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