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1. I have just uploaded a video file of the “Libertarian World Conference 1991”. This contains rare footage of Chris R. Tame in his prime, before the clouds had gathered that darkened his final years. He is certainly at his best here! The video also shows Hubert and Rita Jongen, Tom Grey, and Alastair James, among other friends. You can view the footage here:


2. I did another BBC radio discussion the day before yesterday on free speech and that Oxford Union debate. You can find the mp3 file here:


3. I have just received the latest issue of “The Individual”, published by the Society for Individual Freedom. The SIF and LA are sister organisations. Though they do not live together, they do share Nigel Meek, who is Editorial Director of the LA and Editor of “The Individual”. This is an excellent issue of the SIF’ quarterly journal, and I hope Nigel will republish some of the articles though the LA.

you can find details of the SIF by going here:

Issues of “The Individual” are located here:


4. Christmas is coming, and I am sure you have friends and relatives who have already have everything that can be bought in places like John Lewis. Therefore, let me recommend two of my books:

Cultural Revolution, Culture War (£9.99)

(buy from Amazon at:

The Column of Phocas (£8.99)

(buy from Amazon at:

You can read reviews of the Cultural Revolution book at


There are new reviews by Gregg Beaman and Kevin Carson.

Though it might not be good marketing, I will suggest that you might know people whose visits or telephone calls you wished to discourage. Giving such people one of my books for Christmas might be helpful.

5. Here is another book. I did not write this, but it is worth bringing to attention:

The Great Reading Disaster: Reclaiming Our Educational Birthright (Paperback) by Alice Coleman (Author), Mona McNee (Author) (£16.99)

(buy from Amazon at

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