Greetings from the Grim North

Sean Gabb

I am writing from Lancashire, where my wife and daughter and I are spending the Bank Holiday weekend with our Blogmaster and his family. I feel compelled to issue some statement regarding the victory of Boris Johnson in the London Mayoral election. So here goes:

The Conservatives will not make this country a better place than it now is. So long as they and their friends can buy their way through, they have no understanding of the effects on the rest of us of the politically correct police state built on their foundations by Labour. Those Conservatives who do think about politics at more than the level of Westminster point-scoring are committed to a pre-emptice kow-tow to The Guardian and its various readers.

This being said, the Conservatives would probably make this country still worse at a slower pace than Labour is now doing. Therefore, I suppose I should give a languid preference to the Conservative Party at any election.

On the other hand, I loathe and distrust these people almost as much as does some third generation Labour-voting prole in the pit villages. Accepting that these people will soon be as much in charge of this country as membership of the European Union allows is hard after so many years of contempt.

There – I got this done before David!….

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