The EU … let’s “shift target to next ahead” for a moment. EU arrogance and supercilious disdain for “the People” (who will have to be dissolved and re-elected.)

David Davis

The UK Libertarian Party has a marvellous appreciation of the present turmoil of the EUrocrats over the exposure (by the Irish People, thank God for them!) of the EU’s dangerous isolation and lack of support among ordinary electorates. these electrorates think – perhaps mistakenly – that they have been living in “democracies”, since World War 2. I blame fascist nazi pigs like Monnet, Spinelli and that other bugger whose name I can’t remember, I think he was a composer of music and stuff.

Here it is.

But a quote of the day is in order, as it’s just, er, so…….. predictable:-

 The arrogance with which the people of Europe are dismissed as irrelevant by this ruling elite beggars belief.

This quotation from the European Weekly, an official EU publication, is stunning in its contempt for the citizens of Europe.

The security, liberty and prosperity of hundreds of millions of
European citizens ask for complex leadership actions, which
cannot be appreciated by heterogeneous populations, from the
point of view of the information level and the education one.

They think we are stupid, they assume that we cannot read such treaties and understand what they are doing, and further assume that because most politicians across Europe do not bother to read them, the populous should not bother either – we should leave it all up to the unelected ex-communists and Maoists in Brussels (yes, did you realise that Barosso was a Maoist?)

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  1. Great site, great articles. those like Hayek who had envisaged something along the lines of the early european project as a means of reducing friction between states will be turning in their graves.

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