The EU: Why does it want or need Ireland?

David Davis

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 6:23 AM

Subject: Irish Times – Mood of fear in Brussels turned into depression, anger and dread.

“An Italian journalist, who has worked in Brussels for more than a decade, asked how we could have thumbed our noses at the Union after all the cash handouts? Irish officials in Brussels immediately went to ground. One senior official I spoke too said she was too depressed to talk. When I finally caught up with another Irish EU official, who had travelled back to Ireland to vote, he entered into a 20 minute tirade against the Government, the farmers, the Opposition, the No campaign and the Irish.

“We’re going to be forced out,” he literally shouted down the phone in exasperation.
Politicians in Paris, Berlin and Madrid quickly confirmed his worst fears as statement after statement castigated the ungrateful Irish for torpedoing the treaty.Even the staunchly pro-European Spanish public aimed a kick at the mongrel Irish telling a radio journalist that we should repay some of the €55 billion from Brussels”.
I think this illustrates perfectly the vast divide between the EU perception of democracy and the real thing.  To the continentals, it seems inconcievable that it can’t be bought.
Here’s some stuff I posted in reply, which may help forward some analysis by our foreign readers:-

WHY do they want Ireland in anyway?

 Ireland is nothing to do with continental land-border-warmongering-and-bloodshed, which is what landlocked pre-capitalist barbarian lands have to worry about and talk about. Ireland, even more than Britain, is an integral Atlantic Nation. Happily, for Ireland, it is on the outer edge of any fallout from strife and trouble all caused by the Continent and its internal ogings-on – which have never, never, never (even now) settled down to peaceful pursuit of individual self-interest by individuals (except by the appication ov bribery) unhindered by a Big State.

 All, absolutely all, of Ireland’s troubles, ever, have arisen from outside interference on the “European Land Border Model” (as I have just termed it now.) Look at Norman and Angevin interference; the Thirty-Years’ War, fought all over again in Ireland, long after the European Main Event; the IRA – as European a Stalinist putsch-outfit of socialist gangsters as it’s possible to get – even funded for years by the Kremlin! (Forget Noraid – that was a Kremlin plot to persuade opinion in the West that the main cash was coming form the USA – it killed two birds with one stone! It deflected attention from the uSSR and discredited America in London – nice work, lads!)

 The same as above can be said about the UK. All, absolutely all, of our troubles have arisen from either Europe’s intentions to overwhelm us about two things:-

 (1) – we being all at the same time rich, free and a threat to the underlying planks of their “neo-Imperial-Roman” philosophy of Statehood and state power over individuals –

 (2) – as our understanding of Foreign Policy matured in liberty and free thought and democracy, our consequent trying of natural defensive attempts to ensure that no paramount continental power could dominate the others and get at us with the combined stolen resources. ( = “The Balance of Power in Europe” – as necessary todya as it’s ever been, or even more so.)

 The buggers ought not to try to browbeat Ireland. Only evil, (more) bloodshed and trouble will come of it, probably worse than before, and we shall this time be caught in the middle.

 The buggers ought to let the WHOLE of the British Isles go, and go now. But they won’t coz’ they izz bust.





  1. Dave:

    What on Earth is your evidence for your assertions about NORAID?

    If it were true that they were Kremlin agents, they would have been prosecuted under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, provided the FBI could document this.

    But they weren’t. So, where do you get information that the FBI couldn’t get? Gossip?



  2. Tony I have NO EVIDENCE for that assertion. But I just, for a moment, pretended that I was Stalin, or the murder-pig Brzhezhniev, or one of those fascist bastards.

    I decided what I would do, to upset my mortal enemy, the UK. I thought that I would cause an outfit in the USA to loudly and noisily raise a few million dollars, “for the lads” in “Oirlend”.

    Then, using this as a smokescreen, I would quietly funnel the billions that i did, to the iRA, via the Kremlin, Copenhagen and Prague.

    I would pick up 14 tonnes of Semtex from Semtin near Pardibice, in East Bohemia while I was at it, and I would not pay the bill, ever. I would feed this to the IRA via Libya.

    OK Tony?

  3. William of Occam’s Razor, Tony. Who or what, wanted to create the kind of disorder in Ireland that they did, exactly when they did, which was when potential control of the Atlantic Seaways actually mattered, and very much?

  4. Dave:

    Did you know that Robert Moss has gone from peddling disinformation to peddling mysticism?


    Please don’t follow the same path. >:-}



    PS: The British State tried genocide against the Irish TWICE in Irish history. Their sockpuppet “Protestant” land-grabbers kept their boots on the necks of Irish people for generations. This created enough hatred against Britain to completely destroy this country. Thankfully, this did not happen.

    The EU is a major reason why the Irish Problem has receded. In a more rational world, Northern Ireland would be jointly ruled by Britain and Ireland.

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