Poor old Martha Stewart barred from UK (she’s a criminal, you see, thicko!)

David Davis

Can’t see why. All she did was take some good decisions about buying and selling shares. In the meantime, real ones get in. About 15 years ago, I had a Moroccan lodger, called “Toby”. “Toby” was an agreeable, funny, and rather flaky guy. He’d had a run-in with the French authorities (he had somehow acquired a French passport, possibly by “Marriage”) He finally disappeared in Brixton in mysterious circumstances in 1995, but it turned out that he’d got “previous” in France for buying video machines from their equivalent of Dixons on credit, and then not paying for them…and that he’d been doing the same thing here too. It took me months to sort out the credit rating on my address.

Is this worse than “insider trading” – a state-manufactured-crime if it’s anything? Discuss.

Oh, i know – I forgot – silly me! We have to make room for all those convicted terrorists!

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