Libertarian Alliance Quote of the Day … from Angry Political Optimist…

…who is one of the Twelve Angry Men:- ( this is just their homepage – see the link below for the post-subject.)

Is America perfect? — Hell no. And everyone in the world understands that. What makes America unique is its optimism that one person can change the world — that one person, working from nothing can become rich and influencial. For all the rhetoric and venom cast at America, when people of the world want that chance to succeed, they head for the United States. Do they succeed? Not many of them, but they understand that also. Any chance is better than the no chance they have where they are.

David Davis

You can read the whole of their fun, uplifting post here.

I’d love to know who “Angry Biologist” is.


  1. Interesting blog!

    From across the pond, I’ve been trying to work out just why America is so independent minded. I put this in my blog “Happy Independence Day, USA!” and I’ve already had some fascinating comments.

    I wonder what you think?

    Url: http://catchthevision.wordpress.com

  2. I think the uSA got like that (a) because it was originally composed of people who _were_ independent enough to seek their own fortune there (and that includes the “native Americans”) and (b) there has historically been a political culture (not any more, sadly) which favoured that strategy.

    Whatever, libertarianism needs the USA and Britain to survive.

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