… and words fail me, about this (a rare occurrence)

David Davis

The BBC excels its Gramsco-Marxian self, yet again, by throwing up this report __without__ simultaneously relegating it to “remaindered Marxist fiction” (a book-section we had in the Alternative Bookshop) or, failing the existence of said shop, passing it to the “April Fool Pranks Desk”.

AND… it was not the first time this deeply wicked organisation has pandered to its institutionalised Sartro-Trotskyist leanings – see here

I don’t know whether to laugh – a defence mechanism in the face of utter despair – or to merely shrug, and carry on working. Racist toddlers? My trousers!

My wife, who is Polish, utterly refuses to eat curry. Now she defends her position by saying … “but the food does not any more taste of itself! It tastes of curry…wghegh…” (wghegh is my approximation of a Polish “ugh”, it is said glottally if you can.) Is my wife therefore a racist?

I think we are also on dangerous ground here, as she works in a nursery. She therefore is now enjoined to “perform and record regular observations” on “the progress of _all_ early-years-children”, under the brand new Stalinist State nursery-initiative/dispensation.

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