GOLF: It’s the “British Open”, at the Royal Birkdale

David Davis

ITEM: I’ve just been castigated by the same chum (mentioned below) for calling it the “British Open”. it’s the “Open Championship”, and then if you beat everyone, it is indeed a bonus because you get £750,000, and it’s all yours. No team mates as in “Foot Ball” (see “Foot Ball”  wikilink below, if you don’t know what that stuff is.)

Traffic chaos in town, espec round the Royal Birkdale, where the Open is going on now. Even so, parts of it looked very exciting on the Wireless Tele Vision. (The Golf, that is: not the traffic…)

Golf, although I can’t begin even to know how to play it, seems to me a more libertarian game than “Foot Ball“. None of this “team” stuff and all that collectivist nonsense, to worry about. You just try to play better and better, and if you beat somebody else, it’s a bonus.

It is to be hoped that all our local traders will take the opportunity to make plenty of money.

Oh, and the British Police will just have to go. One made an issue of my waiting (with engine on and flasher lights going) at a pre-arranged rendezvous in Gainsborough Road to pick up my old friend, a golf fanatic, and fined me £30 (about $60 USD.) His Gestapo chum, at the junction, had let me drive down there 3 minutes before. I had the purpose of plastic yellow cones explained to me, in public, in front of 20,000 exiting visitors.

If the Police in the UK have nothing better to do than to issue parking tickets to non-criminals, then they really have served out their usefulness. I think that a “Libertarian administration” – if that is not tautological – would find better things to do with policemen, or maybe it would contract out Law & Order to real householders.

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  1. Completely barking about parking! They need the money. Much like the sanitation police (yes they really exist) in NY fine you for putting the wrong stuff in the wrong color bag. Go figure? Well it is just about the money and a sense of sticking it to the public. All those cop shows are just hoey about how great they are. It really is a nationalized industry and runs true to form.

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