Techie stuff, war and Marianne Mikko

David Davis

(Oh, and Obnoxio the Clown has noticed Marianne Mikko, wallowing in his own distress, too. I do not know what this man has against bloggers, except that bloggers, being unpaid sovereign individuals, have no interest in any thing but saying what they think the truth is. I wonder what he would do with socialist anti EU bloggers? There must be some.)

Those grand heroes at The Landed Underclass, who always do more than their duty in the current-and-to-be-sadly-continued titanic battle for liberty (and no, DD here didn’t join up to be shot at, honest, Guv) have also noticed that the awful EU-neoGestapo-man Marianne Mikko, an Estonian person who thus ought absolutely to know better than to be in favour of muzzling inconvenient opinions, has it in for bloggers.

I suspect the chaps at TLU are fellow-techies: here’s a couple for you, lads:-

And here’s a sadder one. Shame they didn’t put in a better armour belt, or at least flash-proof doors in the turret inter-stages and lobbies – and in the secondary-armament-lobbies too, where it actually went off, on the day. Seydlitz learnt it at Dogger Bank, more than a year before Jutland – why not us? (Or don’t we care about winning and defeating evil?):-

Here’s Seydlitz stuff too for you techies:-

Thanks to Peter Davis, Libertarian Alliance Youtube Research Officer, for help here.


  1. Dave and Peter:

    I am reminded of an old Anarchist saying:

    “A bayonet is a small sword with a worker on each end of it.”

    Similarly, the Great Wars of WWI and WWII, which brought us the Bolshevik Revolution, and the collapses of European power in the world, make me ask:

    “… something wrong with our bloody ships…” Beatty:

    “Jellicoe [a representative specimen of the British Officer Class] was the only man who could lose a war in an afternoon.” (Winston Churchill)

    Our bloody European political system?

    Our bloody European politicians?

    The grotesque failures of intelligence, on all sides, to prevent war?

    WWII was fought by Britain in pursuit of two longstanding primary objectives:

    [1] To maintain the Royal Navy’s dominance of the High Seas, thus maintaining access to the Empire:

    [2] To prevent any one Power coming to dominate Europe.

    Both of these objectives failed.

    If “Operation Sealion” had looked like succeeding, the British Ruling Class planned to decamp to North America, and set up a new Capital of Empire in Vancouver, British Columbia, leaving the rest of us to the tender mercies of Hitler’s Nazis.

    Of course, Roosevelt’s people had already planned to ally the US with Stalin’s USSR, to carve up the world between them. The British Empire was already doomed. Britain could not have defeated Nazism, Roosevelt’s clique and Stalinism. And the Empite was only tenable anyway if the inhabitants didn’t resist too much, or receive assistance from outside.

    Our fight now must be for a more liberal Europe (which is already more liberal than the US or Russia). There is no viable place for a tiny trading island in a world of Great Powers. Ever since Eisenhower threatened to withdraw US nuclear protection, and sink the British economy at the time of Suez, it has been clear that the US has its own agenda, which often, alas, does not include ourselves.




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