Things must be getting worse than we thought

David Davis

Poor, stressed 183-year-old Hugh Hefner, boss of the bunny thingy, may have to sack staff. Playboy’s shares have lost even more value…well, with the increasingly ready availability of pretty girl pics on the internet, what does one want to buy “Playboy” for?

Oh well, I expect that The Remittance Man will show us where the excess bunnies have gone instead, and I do hope TRM will re-attire them in something less (less is more, here) and give them some brunette (or even darker) hair-colouring. Getting rid of the very very dated high-leg rubbish, that awful shiny creasy thick material they make the swimsuits out of, and the tights (yuk-k-k-k!) would be a start. The rabbit-ears don’t do much either; since most men don’t, in my experience, want to shag rabbits.

I wonder what it is they are all looking at, of camera-down-right?


  1. He’s a clever guy, Walker, yeh I agree.And if he can keep those jolly little girlies happy at age 183, good luck to him. Wonder what his Viagra bill is though…..

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