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(NB! The videos refer to the populated Berneray – not the uninhabited one which was originally intended!  – Blogmaster.)

David Davis

Do you remember when I suggested what would be done with captured socialists, other similar fascist-lefty right-wing scum, bureaucrats (same thing), stalinist Wireless Tele Vision “Tycoons” and the rest of the Enemy Class who would not beg to break stones and heft bricks in our nirvana? Well, here it is. Berneray…but I changed my mind later:-

Actually, now I think about it, Berneray is too flat, too benign now, too near other islands, and has people living on it, and actually looks quite civilised. There are even roads and live buildings and quite nice houses (all of which would have to be ruined first before turning it into a prison for lefties.) I will put the buggers on St Kilda instead:-

The irony of its status as a “United Nazis Nations World Heritage Site” will not be lost on the new, albeit slightly unwilling, inhabitants:-

It’s a pity really, that it’s not further away from us than it is. I suppse we could put them on South Georgia instead (see below) but there are two issues: (1) They are too far away to have a cheap eye kept on them and be serviced with daily rations, and (2) fascist idiots like the Soviets Russian Government might try to “rescue” them while our back is turned one night.


  1. I think you’ll find that, having done some more digging I had agreed that your island was too pleasant and too settled for this purpose. In 1968 Berneray seemed, from some miles away, to be deserted. I’d be quite willing to accept the opposite view now.

    Would you object to these politicians-without-real-skills, media pundits, sociologists, left-leaning-dons, “documentary producers”, film stars, etc being placed on St Kilda? I’d have suggested Rockall, but it’s too hard to service them and they’d have little chance of survival.

    London has certain logistical problems (I left it some years ago probably for the same reasons as (I suspect?) you or people you know well, did.) The individuals concerned would feel too much at home, even if incarcerated in a cleared area with no resources: other humans would “feel” nearby, even if invisible. The objective is to clearly sunder these people from normal ones by a tangible distance, for them to reflect.

  2. Aha. There’s two Bernerays. The uninhabited one at the southern end of the Outer Hebrides. And the inhabited one in the Sound of Harris that features in the YouTube videos.

    St Kilda is fine as a place to dump people. What videos and pictures usually don’t show of the place is that there are lots of military installations there. So it ain’t that pretty.

  3. I aopologise for the confusion! I originally meant the southerly one (which I saw from a ship in 1968 and which looked distinctly inhospitable.) Should have consulted a map I guess…

  4. They could be packed, two apiece, into Top Gear style Robin Reliant rockets and jettisoned into Outer Space couldn’t they?

    I’ll direct operations from launch control. My pleasure.

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