Crime and punishment in the 21st century British Socialist paradise

David Davis

I am not a cruel man. No, not at all. I am merciful. I do not kill. I would not. I want to educate and to make-better. I only want to explain to our enemies the meaning of Hell. Before it is too late to not send them there, after their dangerous intellectual and real isolation from other humans is exposed for the hideousness that it is.

Truly, I say, that I would be willingly personally to take their surrender, now, and march them into the prepared-cages, and give them MRE’s. But I just have not the facilities here in Lancashire for all the millions of prisoners. So I can’t.

The freezing and dying leftie stalinists who are going to inhabit the Udenopticon, and while collapsing from gangrene and frostbite, will, later, just have to sit (or cower) shivering in the freezing howling rain and darkness of a Hebridean night. Or indeed for many mights. It is very sad.

While sitting, they can be explaining to the hoodies who have been suddenly put with them (there are not many, less than a few hundred thousand I think) the reason why they (the hoodies) were brought into being as “barnyard-animals” by the lefties, and how this was a tactic in the overall strategy of destroying Western Civilisation.

The reaction of the hoodies, to the real reason for their creation (like as of orcs, by Morgoth) will be interesting. I wait with interest to see how many “principal-lefties” will be unkilled and uneaten by morning.


  1. Dave:

    The greatest danger in any conflict is becoming what you profess to be fighting.

    Leaving aside the issue of proposing the savage destruction of St. Kilda and its wildlife, you are proposing to abrogate just about every Human Right and Natural Right in the book. Insofar as you could ever attempt this monstrosity, you would be worse than the people whose disagreement with your dogmas is intolerable to you.

    Be absolutely clear that you would face armed resistance from the entire Western World.

    Stop blaming others for the failure of Crony-Capitalism and absurd “laissez-faire” dogmas. Please.



  2. Tony, I could not become my enemies even if you paid me to try. They have told barefaced lies, in public, with a straight face, about reality, for a good bit more than 200 years, and have directly killed hundreds, and hundreds, of millions of people, while they were at it, and still are.

    OK you like St Kilda? Well, we’ll construct a concrete replica (very appropriate I guess, for them as le-Corbusier’s corpse would be among the inmates (they can eat him) and put them on that instead.

  3. Just came across your blog and I’m kind of inclined with the views expressed in some of the comments.

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