What’s an “Obama Youth” video, and why does it sound like the Hitler-Jugend?

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David Davis

Pasted below is what I have just found. Obviously the one I wanted has been pulled, but it may turn up somewhere else:-

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‘Obama Youth’ video emerges on YouTube

A teacher has been suspended after filming an “Obama Youth” group marching and chanting slogans while dressed in military uniforms.


By Jon Swaine
Last Updated: 10:23AM BST 07 Oct 2008

Critics of the video said it was improper to make children support politicians Photo: YouTube

Is this just manly "P.T.", or something derivative of something else?
Is this just manly"PT", or.....

Authorities at the Urban Community Leadership Academy in Kansas City, Missouri took action after a video of the pupils, who are thought to be aged 14 and 15, emerged on YouTube.

The video, which was titled “Obama Youth – Junior Fraternity Regiment”, has since been removed, but copies have been re-posted.

It shows 10 teenage boys marching into a classroom, making gestures with their arms and reciting “alpha, omega”.

After coming to a halt, each in turn shouts a personal mantra associating their personal goals with Mr Obama.

The first says: “Because of Obama, I aspire to be the next doctor”; the next, “Because of Obama, I aspire to be the next lawyer”.

Each then shouts Mr Obama’s campaign slogan: “Yes we can”, before carrying out a drill combining the recital of slogans and aggressive physical gestures. The boys then each recite a different benefit of Mr Obama’s healthcare plan.

Joyce McGautha, the school’s superintendent, told US media that the school did not approve of the video. She said that the teacher, who has not been named in anticipation of legal action, was suspended, and that further drill activities were stopped.

YouTube viewers were quick to criticise Mr Obama’s campaign for the video’s content, and to compare it to 20th century political youth movements.

One wrote: “This should scare the hell out of any freedom loving American. The Democrats, their accomplices in the media and the schools, are producing the next generation of Hitler Youth. Welcome to the People’s Socialist Republic of America.”

The video’s emergence comes soon after that of Sing for Change, a clip in which 22 children between 5 and 12 were seen singing a song praising the Democratic presidential candidate. Critics said it was improper to make children support politicians.

Here are some of the videos that have not been pulled yet:-

I don’t go quite as positively for the “socialist realism” art-theme on the start of this one:-

I think I’ve found the original one talked about….either it’s very badly acted, or else it’s a wind-up, and we’ve all been had!…

I don’t find it very convincing, and the guys’ hearts are clearly not in the thing. But the question remains, that unless it’s clever republican stunt, who put them up to it?


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