I wonder what he wants?

David Davis

Lord Mandyperson seems to think it’s OK for him to hobnob with “oligarchs” who have silly names, but not for George Os-boy to do so. Of course, if Lord Mandy does it, it’s for the good of the country”. I can’t, though, wuite see how it was “bad for the country”, if little Os-boy either stepped aboard the famed yacht, or talked about declining £50,000 for the Tories, or both.

Personally, I would say that giving the Tories £50,000 of foreign money to fight the stalinists with, would do slightly less harm to the lives of ordinary wretched individuals in Britain today that having Lord Mandy in the government (again….and again….and again…) Perhaps that’s why the buggers have latched onto this one, and it’s just the old Enemy Class doing its stuff to us.


  1. “I would say that giving the Tories £50,000 of foreign money to fight the stalinists with”


    David. The Tories do NOT want fight the Stalinists. They are Stalinists themselves.

    Read Hitchens: http://lpuk.blogspot.com/2008/10/peter-hitchens-nails-it.html

    Read Gabb: http://www.candidlist.demon.co.uk/hampden/culture.htm

    If you do put your faith in Call Me Dave and his tw*tocracy of a Shadow Cabinet you’ll end up sorely disappointed. Sorry.

  2. Patrick, old chap…calm down…have a gin and-T…

    Of course the Tories are stalinists themselves!

    How quickly (did you think that I thought that) a Tory guvmint is going to reverse any of the nonsensical stalinist claptrap of the last 18-odd years? ID cards? Nah. DNA database? Nah.

    The size of the tax-credits-clientariat? Nah.

    The number of state employees? Nah.

    Look here chaps…

    The LA runs and maintains expensively, at our cost, a HUGE archive of major and earth-shattering publications, which can be used to help defeat arguments in detail with people. I had a go at Tristan on my (main) Agincourt post just now, about this very thing, and about what different types of libertarian blogs are for.

    The LA is perfectly well known and globally respected for being possibly one of the two or three major world think-tanks about liberty and all its ramifications. That was primarily Chris’s achievement, and Sean, Tim and the others have built on that. I have now come to believe in the afternoon of my life that we also have another mission. This is to begin to enrage “the masses” about what’s going to happen to them of they don’t wake up, turn off the Wireless Tele Vision, and get about what the Enemy Class is doing to them and the future of the world.

    25 years ago, I was described by a Grimmondian Liberal in Bedford where I then lived, and a great friend from Oxford days whom I still entertain here a lot as he’s a grand drinking chum, as a “Marxist turned upside down”.

    He stated (in 1983 in a pamphlet he wrote) that “David Davis” views the British parties as advertising-agencies who are trying to service the “Liberty” account. He said that if the Tories didn’t cut the cake, I would be pleased to fire them and get someone else. Well, I would. He was right, I know that now.

    The problem, Patrick, is all the millions of people out there, freezing in the dark. The hut called “Libertarian Party” is dimly lit, not very big, and has a list of difficult questions which they (think are) posted on the door – like “when we fire all the bureaucrats, what about the poor and da shcools-n-hospitals?”.

    The hut called “Conservative Party” is of course much bigger and more brightly lit. There are no difficult questions on the door. It just says “call me Dave”, and come in, and here’s a half of warm beer”, and old maids cycling to cricket matches.”

    Of COURSE they are not going to make it better…but we have to start somewhere. Time is all we can buy, and we might buy more from the Tories than from people who have people ;like “Jacqui” “Smith” in their entourage.

    I have to put my younger boy to bed now, so that’s a start: what do you think then, Patrick?

  3. I know where you’re coming from, David, but I happen to disagree 😉

    To be honest, the further and faster down the road to ruin we are led, the greater likelihood there is that folks will notice. It’s the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ which is so insidious — odd ‘changes’ get disregarded with a shrug. It’s only when ‘progress’ is as visible as has been apparent over the last few years that most people — who get there news from the MSM — actually notice.

    Call Me Dave will likely win the next GE. I personally have little faith that things will get better, but that doesn’t really matter. All of the crap done by this lot will be still on the statute books, but unquestioned as it was enacted by a prior administration, and there will be a shiny new party in charge for the media to focus on. Folks will forget. And CmD will soft pedal for a while, then plough on regardless.

    Many people still can’t get their heads around the fact that those at the top of political pile are there for reasons other than they publicly claim. Whilst that view is prevalent (and God knows I’m doing my little bit to challenge it!), they need IN THEIR FACE THREATS from the state before they are willing to accept that no, it’s not just a cock-up, unintended consequence or mistake, but a planned attack upon their liberties.

    My tuppence worth.

    BTW, and ignoring Antoine’s other comments, any chance that this blog might get moved over to some software that will alert you if a follow-up comment is made (like Blogger does)? As a user, ’tis a bit of a bugger having to keep checking back on posts that you’ve previously commented on…

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