Roadside death-shrines

David Davis

Of course, human beings ought to be able to do anything they want that does not harm others. these “memorials” do not harm others I guess. But they sya things about us as a people, and thus holding to philosohpies about ourselves that I feel uncomfortable with.


  1. There’s one around the corner from me. I remember passing it just after the Police had cordoned it off. I think the guy was a motorcyclist or something. It was a fatality anyway, and now there are bunches of flowers attached to a nearby streetlight. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Certainly puts things in perspective, if that’s not a morbid thing to say.

  2. Dave:

    I would have replied to your poll if you hadn’t added the absurd remark about Diana, a genuine Princess who kissed a Prince and turned him into a frog.



  3. Tony, she turned this nation into a howling mob of emotional incontinents: the compulsory public sharing of the private grief of a family was nationalised in the worst sense.

    I find it a bad portent for the future, if all passers-by are forced to pretend to share in the private sorrow of some real people (such as the Queen and her family in Diana’s case) or such as some unfortunate motor bicyclist for example, in the case of many round here.

  4. Dave:

    I was speaking with a Detective Superintendant of Special Branch at NSY at the time Diana died. He asked me for my “take” on what had happened to Diana. I replied that I was reluctantly compelled to the conclusion that she had been murdered, if not in the car crash (which could easily be arranged) then in the ambulance, which took an inexplicably long time to reach the hospital. I could tell you exactly how to stage such an event, but not publicly.

    He responded, thoughtfully, that he had discussed the incident with three members of the Royalty Protection Branch that morning, and all three of them had the same opinion that I did.

    There was (and is) something about Diana which enraged (and enrages) people of a certain kind of authoritarian disposition. She was, of course, a free spirit. That’s enough to enrage any authoritarian.

    She wrote in her diary, that her husband was plotting to kill her in a staged car “accident.” She died in a staged car “accident.” Philip (an egregious authoritarian) hated her. ‘Nuff said.

    As Henry David Thoreau said: “Some coincidences are very strong, as when one finds a trout in the milk.”



  5. She enraged me, Tony, for becoming someone who spilled her emotions, as a sort of proxy-catharsis-theatre-act, in public. She caused an otherwise previously equable and stoic nation to wet its own pants, shrieking joy all the while.

    I am not an authoritarian as you know, or I would not be on here.

    I was forced, by subtle peer-trader-pressure, to close my shops on the day of her funeral. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway as I’d have done no trade (everybody was crying glued to their tellies) but it was the principle that enraged me. She was NOT a God, she was NOT Churchill, and she was NOT even the Queen. She was not even a pop singer or a foot-ballist.

    Tony, you always seem to be very very very well-connected into strange crannies of the establishment, for someone who lives quietly in the West Country, no?

    I don’t know what the NSY is, but I’m not sure I’d feel comforatble if a senior copper from it asked me “my take on something”, would you?

  6. Dave:

    As I said, Diana is a litmus test. I was on the phone to Seattle when the incident occurred. I fell asleep after hearing she was seen on her feet after the crash. I was awoken to hear that she had been pronounced dead at the hospital.

    “NSY” is New Scotland Yard.

    “… very very very well-connected into strange crannies of the establishment…”

    HoHoHo! I worked as Logistics Officer for the “Freedom Association”, at their HQ. According to Brian Crozier, in his [1999] autobiography “Free Agent”, the “Freedom Association”, which he helped to found, was a joint CIA/MI6 project.

    The LA’s first published paper was written by Dr. Edward Teller, “Father of the H-Bomb.” Chris was wired into MI5 (via Judy) AND MI6 (personally).

    As well as just about every spooky front outfit in Europe. And Iran/Contra. Who do you think all these people WERE?? Choirboys?? >:-}

    Part of the “senior copper’s” duties were to protect me from the foul machinations of Robert Lefever. And to investigate _murders_.

    Oh, yeah, it’s a “quiet life” here in the West Country. And I know interesting people. I have to.



  7. Tony,
    I went into the Freedom Association Offices unanounced, in 1976 just before Grunwick, in 11 Grape Street, was shown upstairs by Lisl, and given to Gerald, an Old Worcester Man like me, and with whom I took my MA in 1979.

    CIA/MI6? My trousers! Nah. Sorry. I would have known by now. I am not as cretinous as I look and sound on this bolg.

    IF Chris was that important, why am I amateuring a non-interesting blog from Lancahsire in my retirement? Why is Sean Gabb so unimportant ?

    Tell us, Tony.

  8. Dave:

    Have you read Crozier’s book? He lays it all out.

    NAFF was first located in Richard Mellon Scaife’s London Office. You know who he is? You do know who Robert Moss is? You do know who Lisl’s father was? You do know that my Great-Aunt Dene Smith worked at the American Interests Section of the Foreign Office, under (later Sir) Oliver Franks, who went on to be “C” at MI6, and who just happened to be Gerald Hartup’s tutor at University?

    You do know that Major Charles Good was seconded to NAFF by the Military Police, to whom he returned after he left TFA? You do know that Major Derek Jackson came to us from the Defence Intelligence Staff? You do know that Lord de L’Isle was Governor of Australia? You do know that Sir Louis Le Bailly was Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee? You do know that Graham Smith used to ferry between TFA and the MoD for Derek Jackson? You do know that the Economic League worked closely with MI5? You do know that Stephen Eyres was PA to Enoch Powell (MI9)? You do know that — according to Chris — the LA originated in the Youth wing of George Kennedy Young’s Society for Individual Freedom? And that George Kennedy Young was Deputy Chief of MI6?

    You do know that ALL OF THIS is in the public record?

    None so blind…

    And you tell me I’M hallucinating?? >:-}



  9. And, if Ger-Smith was that well-connected, then he would not have needed me to bolt a towbar onto my Hillman Avenger (which you knew, it was, er, orange, and therefore highly visible) tp get his dead Morry-Minor from Leicester to London, no, would he!

  10. Dave:

    “Now you’ll think I’m saying that co’z I’ve been put up to it by MI-something-or-other.”

    The thought had flitted across my radar… >:-}



    PS: People may “hallucinate”, but I don’t think libraries do…

    PPS: Why do you think that they call themselves “spooks”?? >:-}

  11. Dave:

    “Oh Tony old chap, go and have a cup of tea. Even if you are right, what does it matter to us bumpkins?”

    You’re no bumpkin! None of my friends are bumpkins!

    Why it matters is like this:

    All the effort and money that went into NAFF/TFA because it was pledged to a Written Constitution and a Bill of Rights was wasted, bccause TPTB didn’t want one — indeed, wanted NOT to have one. Just sucker bait.

    The Party that most closely matched NAFF/RFA’s _stated_ principles was the Liberal Party. Did they support the Liberal Party? Well no… They supported Thatcher, who Airey Neave got into the leadership position in a rigged ballot. They wanted her in place so that they could use British State resources to help get Reagan (a “Republican”) elected in the US. As soon as they had achieved this, they folded the organizarion up for all preactical purposes.

    Yet this was supposed to be a _membership_ organization. People were giving it time and money and bequests thinking it was a long-term project. As it is, it diverted people and resources from the Charter 88 project.

    We now have a police State. This is “Freedom”??

    Pretty effective diversion…

    It’s known as “Controlled Opposition.”

    Does this matter for the LA? Well, yes it does. LA members were encouraged to hold their noses and support Thatcher and Reagan. This may be OK with you. A Police State and Crony-Capitalism may be OK with you. It isn’t with me. Chris’s career got nowhere, because he didn’t go with the Reagan/Thatcher “programme.”

    After thirty years of effort, we who wanted a free country and a genuinely free market could have actually achieved our objectives. You complain all the time because we have the exact opposite of that.

    Self-employment is harsher than ever. More taxes. More Statutes. More (armed) police. British manufacturing has “gone missing”, for the gain of the City of London cronies.

    We have a $100 trillion “toxic asset” overhang wrecking the world economy instead..We have phony “Wars on Drugs” (in fact, Wars on People).

    We have phony “Wars on Terror” which look to be everlasting, because you cannot win a war against a strategy, and which terroriszes people everywhere in the world. Saudi Wahhabism was encouraged and allowed to propagate. Saudis own 20% of the US economy.

    The USSR collapsed on schedule, just as George Kennan, the architect of Containment policy on 1947 said it would. Thank you, Mikhail Gorbachev! Instead of freedon, Russia under Yeltsin and Jeffrey Sachs got Crony-Capitalism and a police State. What a surprise! Just like us!

    “Does it matter?” Sheesh…



    “For the Truth is beyond all commiseration.”
    — Maxim Gorky

  12. Tony said: “You do know that Graham Smith used to ferry between TFA and the MoD for Derek Jackson?”

    Nope, can’t recall anything like that.


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