Big Brother Britain: hot new minimal-statist blog focussing on the obvious…

…outward and also more covert signs of the Pan-Opticon State.

David Davis

I am pleased to have been asked to write for this blog, which is quite new and deserves support from all varieties of liberal and Libertarian. My objective is to put up something today to kick off, so watch this space, even though my access privileges over there don’t yet let me upload files. I do not intend to merely repeat posts from here onto there: different blog objective, different content.

Ideally, all committed free-marketeers and pro-liberty-people might try to visit it once a day, as they do ours here.

ITEM:- UPDATE…I can now put stuff up attached and embedded! So let’s all help it take off. The more bloggers we have, the harder it will be for the enemy class! And the more good stuff for all you lazy buggers to read !


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