BNP + Labour Party + Data protection = Interesting

David Davis

Hat tip LPUK



  1. I see Hazel Blears is bleating about the BNP again. Presumably, what she is trying to say is “It’s not fair they are going to pinch our voters.” (Don’t worry Hazel, they will only ever manage to take a few of your sheep.)

    Well, I would take New Labour’s whining about the BNP with rather less of a pinch of salt, if they were consistent in their concern to oppose racist parties. For example, masses of racist murders by Sein Fein’s armed wing, the Provisional IRA, didn’t stop Sein Fein’s progress in to government.

    Of course, the Labour Party and progressives generally have long been selective in their anti-racism. For example, Israel and the Palestinians comes to mind.

    At heart progressives, always like to reduce problems to a victims / oppressors / liberation struggle model. So if one side is viewed by the progressives as oppressors then it is open season on them even if that is quite frankly racist.

    Incidentally, I am a member of a political party which is not the BNP. It actually pisses me off that I have to reveal that given the hysteria that is generated around the issue.

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