Busy today, so here’s some more music….

David Davis

I used to be able to play this whan I was 15, going on 16. It did take some time to master, and was gut-wrenching. You were sweating at the end. (If it was in front of the school or the Head Master, I could get a page-turning-slave to stand on my right and help me. Couldn’t even begin to remember it by heart.)

Have lost the music in various housemoves over the years sadly – and anyway I have arthritis now:-

But this version actually sounds more like I remember it did on the machine I used at school:-

I hope all you young chaps out there don’t mind, if I sometimes tell you things about my life.


  1. Dave:

    There is a direct inverse correlation between dietary boron and the incidence of oste- and rheumatoid arthritis. Countries high in dietary boron have little or no arthritis. Countries high in dietary boron have hig rates of arthritis.

    3mg. chelated (organic-form) boron daily is prophylactic against the onset of arthritis.

    10mg. daily puts most existing cases of both types of arthritis into remissiom.

    Cheap. Safe. Readily available.

    Why suffer unnecessarily?

    I’ve been taking it for 25 years. I have no arthritis whatsoever. I don’t expect to, either.



    PS: Why not get off Gordon Brown’s case?

    Half the Western world bought into Friedman’s “Chicago-school monetarism” and Hayek’s “Austrian Economics” — both proven pseudo-scientific theories with limited descriptive and explanatory capacity, but NO TESTABLE PREDICTIVE CAPACITY — the hallmark of pseudo-science.

    Neither theory describes, explains or predicts the present interlocked crises, which — if not resolved, and soon — will lead us into a new Dark Age economic death-spiral. The Tories still worship at the altars of those pseudo-sciences, so there’s no hope there. Vince Cable is more competent, but the electoral system is rigged against the Lib Dems.

    Please yourself, but your anti-Labour and anti-Left diatribes are way beyond reason.

    For Heaven’s sake spend an hour or two with this ‘little list’, and get your thinking straight. I lose interest in posting here when there’s a serious risk of “contamination” as the psywar folks put it.


    Much more, and I’m joining the Labour Party.

    I kid you not. Blatant trolling is unattractive and counterproductive to the Western cause…



  2. Dave:

    Tes, Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister. So?

    No, he is not a “socialist.” A “socialist” would want to abolish money and run the entire economy by Cirect Central Planning. Gordon Brown says he wants to make the Capitalist system work for _all_ the people. He has over ten years’ experience at Treasury. He is widely regarded as making the best job of attempting to rescue the present “Capitalist” system of any leader in the Western world.

    If these efforts to save “the free market” do not succeed, advocates of any kind of “free market will face a hundred years in the wilderness, being [a] hated or [b] laughed at. Is that what you want??

    A “Capitalist” Death Spiral?



    PS: I AM cheerful! The death throes of Crony-Capitalism are most welcome. This is what you get for worshipping at the shrine of the pseudo-sciences of “Chicago-School” and “Austrian School” economics. No predictive capacity. Unfalsifiable. Unscientific. Seductive rubbish.

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