Damian Green and Christopher Galley: let’s suppose DG “groomed” CG. What then?

David Davis

The Daily Quislingraph carries a “report” that Damian Green, arrested (and then bailed, why only that? What’s wrong with “release without charge” – as he has done freedom a service?) for allegedly being in possession of “leaked documents”, obtained them by “grooming” (ummm, what’s that?) a “civil servant”, allegedly the eponymous Christopher Galley, who is of course, still “disappeared” as of now.

If so, and if “leaking” is OK if the New Labour Government Stalinists do it (as they have been for years if not longer) then, under the principles of a level playing field in liberal pluralist democracy, it’s OK for the opposition to take advantage of “leaks”.

The problem arises when one side tries to upend the playing field , or do the equivalent of “rocking the table” in Billiards and Snooker. This of course is transparently what ZanuLieBorg is doing to our constitutional settlement, and what it has set out to do at least since 1997.

An administration which:-

(1) Creates one new crime a day, by arbitrary definition,

(2) Wants to bring in ID cards by force or stealth,

(3) Forcibly nationalises Banks for spurious reasons based on new and arbitrary definitions of solvency,

(4) Wants to not have its rotten and pocket boroughs in inner cities merged into fewer bigger ones,

(4) Fills the nation with CCTV camerae,

(5) Is creating a very very large and immortal DNA database by stealth, (mostly of young whilte males now, but you just watch what will happen in a couple of years)

(6) Has deliberately decimated and downsized the Farming Communities really quite early on (cunning move that was, before any of us really noticed!) (they are Kulaks and thus conservatives by and large) by burning their animals at the point of a gun, trampling their fields with “ramblers” (who are clearly mostly lefties or they would have better things to do), closing their shops and Post Offices, and allowing the EU to dictate what produce of theirs could be sold to whom at what price,

(7) Has removed the intellectual basis of anti-Stalinist opposition to wickedness, in the Lords, by gerrymandering it by force,

(8) Has passed what amounts to an Enabling Act, for ministers of this Junta,

(shall I go on? That’s all I could type in a minute flat.)

An administration which does all this, is Nazi. Plain and simple. Now, it bcoemes the DUTY, first of opposition MPs, and then the rest of us, to oppose it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to share the fate of the poor miserable German people in 1945. As I keep on saying, it could be argued that they did bring a terrible retribution and fate upon themselves, by failing to reject what were ostensibly and frankly portrayed socialist/ultranationalist policies, clearly outlined to them in successive elections and publlications – not to mention violent events.

Any Conservative MP who thinks that he ought to suborn the Civil Service, directly or otherwise, to find out more about the nefarious things going on under the surface of this government, ought to do so – it’s now his duty. This is war. In the pursuit of truth, particularly in what passes for “government” and the things it tries to cover up, and if socialist (as this outfit is), then it is always and invariably a lot – bad laws should be broken. Publicly and often. While the “media” are still nominally free, this strategy will weaken the masses’ belief, in time – and it will take time – in the cases for their retention.


  1. Dave:

    Yet again, you are spoiling your case by over-egging the pudding.

    “Wacky-Baccy Jacqui” has powers over MI5 and the Metropolitan Police. It’s all very well her saying “Let the law take its course” when she controls the Met AND the people who are holding Chris Galley (is that the Chris Galley who was with the Essex Police as ACPO liason a few years back?)

    It is clear that Ms. Jacqui Smith is the fulcrum of authoritarianism in the Cabinet. Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson would be well advised to require her resignatioon and return her to the back-benches efore she does any more damage. She’s so obviously “owned” by MI5. She was in tears when Tony Blair quit.

    She was all for blocking the Serious Fraud Office Investigation into the Saudi bribery case, by invoking “National Seurity” (i.e. Mittle Marky’s hand in the till…

    Let her be hoist with her own petard…



  2. Tony,

    I’m less two-dimensional than you. I see things in fewer shades of black and white than you do!

    I don’t want ANY of these awful PEOPLE anywhere NEAR whatever must sadly pass for “government”, or “the State”. Sodding up our lives and those of others, for…..what?

    …..The tyranny of ideas…and…worse….the WRONG ONES.

    You must agree that there is good and bad in the Universe. Bad is evil, good is…..what?…..less evil? Or good? Or…. is evil merely what C S Lewis sometimes in “the problem of pain” , when talking about the Suffering of God, termed “less good”?

    I think that what Damian Green did, if he did, regarding allegedly “grooming” Chris Galley (if he did) is less evil than what the ZanuLieBorg is doing to all of us, and you too.

  3. Dave Davis:

    But that is a recipe for eternal enslavement!

    “You cannot change anything unless you change everything!”

    Two problems with that: If you change everything, the result is bound to be a chaos. The idea that out of a chaos, an ideal society will emerge is absurd. Indeed, the idea that anything better than what we have will emerge is a complete fantasy. Millenarian Utopianism — exactly what you acuse the Marxist-Leninists of!

    The situation is analagous to a large ship at sea. It’s possible to change the destination. It’s even possible to remodel or remove parts of the ship, with a view to having more, smaller ships.

    What is NOT possible is to dismantle the entire ship in mid-ocean (whereupon all the metal bits sink to the ocean floor), then flailing about in mid-ocean, trying to build a better ship. They tried that with “Titanic”, which would have been better off if they had rammed the iceberg at full steam ahead, shattering it and crumpling the four forward bow compartments. The ship would stay afloat, and be navigable.

    The political forms of societies are sums-of-vectors. If you want to change the overall direction of societies, you have no alternative to applying your personal or group vector input to the “mix.”



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