Lift up your hearts. Thank God for Science (the real one, not Al Gore’s “_the_ _science_” which is of course of the Devil…) Now isn’t that just staggeringly wonderful….

Worship not false Idols….

David Davis

MAN is the Lord of God’s creation. Or, if he is not, then he is at the very least, God’s Regional Director…..up till now we have no supervening information…..(in the meantime, socialists, driven by the Devil, try periodically to break in and wreck stuff, with axes, guns, poison, bad info etc. All stolen of course, for they can’t actually create anything. Only steal and corrupt.)

David Davis

What a sad, sad prat Al Gore has shown himself to be. Look at this astonishing machine, built for a mere £3million, at today’s devalued money, something like his electricity bill for a couple of days, and laugh at him.

Here’s “Tornado” blasting its way through Thirsk:-

And here through Durham….amd wouldn’t you have liked to have built that machine?

I would! I would have PAID to have crawled on my knees, to have been able even to have tightened a bolt!

The ingenuity of Man can, does, is doing, and will, far surpass whatever depredations which socialists will try to impose, which is to say that they are evil and wicked, and did not originate in the Nature Of Man but came From Outside, which is to say, of The Devil. (I hasten to add: not The Devil, who is good.)

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