Vaclav Klaus, “Danny” Cohn-Bendit, and insults in Prague. Perhaps the EU … IS “the problem” … after all?

David Davis

He was “Danny” when I came across him as a Gramsco-Marxian “student” agitprop-droid. Many, many years ago now. He’s forgotten the incident, I’m sure.

But to insult Klaus in his own castle, smacks of bad manners. D C-B has clearly learnt nothing in the years in which he’d have been expected to slough off, as is normal, his Marxist mantle, and start to behave like a normal human being, specially in the company of others. I don’t think he’d be invited to many people’s houses up here where we live.

But perhaps the EU reall IS “the Problem”? We here often say it is “a” problem but not “the” main one, which is our unelected GestapoMarxiaNazi bureaucrats, who think (righty by default as we don’t stop them yet) can trample with impunity over us and our customs and beliefs. Perhaps our own home-grown wannabe-jailers behave like they do because of the EU and the fact that it exists and also consists of people like “Danny”? he encourages them to be brave, to push out the boat and see what they can get away with.

Perhaps we shall have to bring down the EU after all? I was hoping not, as it’s better, as Sean Gabb says, to be governed by a load of distant corrupt arse-ocrats from places like Italy and Greece (and Spain at a push, or even Germany) than the following fate: to be locally-tyrannised over by unimaginative British bureaucrats who probably don’t even speak proper Engllish and whom you can’t even bribe, as they’ll have the Police round to shoot you dead in about three minutes.


  1. Well, i do not attempt to defend his behaviour, but… I don’t like the behaviour of teh Czech President as well. As you maybe don’t know, the president is elected by the parliament, not by a direct vote. As a consequence, we have a president whose actions most of the people watch with a mixure of surprise and disgust. He has never done anything for hte republic – the only person whom he does things for is Vaclav Klaus. His opinions show marks of old man aphrenia, as he frequently states global warming has nothing to do with man, passive smoking doesn’t harm and others.

  2. Elen Prague:

    To succeed as a theory “Global Warming caused by Man” must describe, explain and predict. The truth or otherwise of a scientific theory can have nothing whatsoever to do with brain chemistry or whatever, but rather, on its correspondence to the facts.

    On all the available evidence, it is quite certainly IMPOSSIBLE for human-produced CO2 to have any discernible impact on climate — it makes a minuscule contribution to global-warming gases in the atmosphere.

    The Astronomical Clock in Prague looks amazing.



  3. To Ellen Prague:-

    (1) “Global warming” does indeed have nothing to do with Man.
    (2) “Passive Smoking” is a way for States to increase taxation, by making something difficult that ordinary poor people, which is to say those who are not highly politically-motivated to resist.

    Please prove otherwise to me….if you can.

  4. Tony is entirely correct about “global warming”.

    And I too marvelled at the clock in your Old Town Square, every time I saw it, which was many. I used to visit a lot in the late 80s and early 90s, and have probably spent more time in your country than any other except my own.

  5. I learned to speak rouhgly grammatical Czech, with what I was told was a strong South-Moravian accent. You will understand what that was, but I fooled an English lady who was teaching English in Brno University, into thinking that I was “Pavel” from Vyskov….

  6. as he frequently states global warming has nothing to do with man, passive smoking doesn’t harm and others.

    1 He’s correct,it’s all quite normal!
    2 Passive smoking has not been proven at all.

    The brainwashing has though obviously!

  7. Ellen Prague: Your negative view of Klaus as a person obviously prevents you to think rationally. This is not about Klaus, this is about the president of a sovereign country being interrogated gestapo-style by a bunch of 2nd rate MEPs about issues which are simply none of their business.
    This is about the EU’s treatment of dissenting opinion.

  8. Petr’s comment above merely serves to highlight why, in the main post, I am temding to turn back towards a belief that if the EU could be dissolved and erased, a great part of the driving force behind our home-grown British bureaucrats would be lost.

    They might, just might, return to the semi-normal state they were in decades ago, when they had a lot less authority as was righ

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